Will The Lying Game Return For Season 3?

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Last night’s Season 2 finale of The Lying Game brought many tears to those watching it. Not only because of the emotional moments between Emma and Sutton and of course the shocking ending, but because it’s the last episode of the season and there’s no word yet on whether or not it’s coming back for Season 3. BUT. We’re going to remain optimistic about the possibility of a renewal.

We chatted with showrunner Chuck Pratt, Jr. about this and he praised the fans’ energy in helping to get the show renewed on ABC Family. “There has been a huge Twitter campaign to get the pick-up,” he told us. “Our numbers have been growing the last three weeks, and audience reaction has been overwhelmingly popular. A pick-up seems inevitable, but you never know. Fingers crossed!”

The ratings for the finale episode have been published and they look great! According to Zap2It, “At 9 p.m., the winter season finale of The Lying Game stood as cable TV’s #1 scripted telecast in the hour in Females 12-34 (644,000/1.4 rating), was the #1 original scripted cable TV telecast Women 18-34 (352,000/1.0 rating) and Women 18-49 (500,000/0.8 rating), and overall was Tuesday’s #2 TV telecast in Female Teens (292,000/2.5 rating), behind only Pretty Little Liars.”

No word yet on when the decision to renew will take place, but rest assured we’ll bring you the news the second it’s announced!

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  1. melissa Said:


  2. erika Said:

    Please come out with a third season!!!

  3. TyKeshia Said:

    Please Come Out With Season 3!! I Love This Show.

  4. Kayla Said:

    Please try to get the lying game back on tv! If not on Abc family then another network it was my favorite show and I would love to see what happens. If it’s a budget issue then at least cram everything into season 3 so there can be closure. There were too many questions left unanswered!!!!

  5. Kayla Said:

    Even if the final season has to be on netflix that is better than nothing! Please make a new deal with another network the ratings are promising….

  6. kathy Said:

    i love this show want to see more please

  7. gabby Said:

    I was really upset to come to the last episode in season 2.. and too see that there’s not another episode or another season. I want to see more of this.! so bad. I watched the first two episodes about 2-3 years ago.. and just found it again. it was amazing that I found it but sad that it was left with an ending like that.. and to know that it’s over! I really do hope that’s there’s more to come! because a lot of people want it back just as much as I do! I hope to see it soon! .. really soon!

  8. leah lover Said:

    plz!!!!! come out with the 3th season bc I just cant wait for it to come out u had A lot of commenters bc we love the show and it is not fair for other people to live not knowing what happened

    leah lover

  9. Elise Said:

    Please I will do anything for there to be another season!

  10. miriam Said:

    Season 3 is a must, you can’t just leave it like this!!!!!!

  11. Ciccio Pasticcio Said:

    Please… season 3!!!! only few episodes… :-)

  12. Emma Said:

    PLEASE BRING BACK THE LYING GAME! You can’t stop the show like this! Please make more episodes and a season 3!!!

  13. Suzanne Said:

    Found the show on Netflix – watched all of season one and two and then looked up when season three was coming on so I could DVR it however on deeply saddened to learn this show was cancelled. This is a kick ass show and should have been picked. I really hope a miracle happens and season three happens.

  14. Ali Said:

    Although i’m not a fan of seasonal movies, to be honest with you the thought of the non-existence of the continuation of this seasonal movie keeps on running in my head all the time. I really hope you guys find a way of releasing the season 3 just as the “pretty little liars” is being continued. I would be really disappointed if this lovely series is not continued. I really love abc family. You guys really made my taste for seasonal movies a success.


    I LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE THE LYING GAMES LIKE OMG!! I ONLY STARTED WATCHING THE SERIES THREE DAYS AGO BUT I FINISHED ALL OF SEASON 1&2 with late nights, and pretty much using most of my summer up…. And then I find out that season 2 episode 10 was the end and that there will be no season 3… Was so disappointing. Like honestly, you can’t just leave us fans hanging and plus, if u did being the kyung games back, you would get twice the popularity!!!!! SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HAVE A SEASON 3❤️

  16. Taylor Stallings Said:

    I really love the lying games and once it gets over i will ball my eyes out because its really good please make a 3rd season and 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th and 10th

  17. Janelle Said:

    Just finished watching the lying game season 1 and 2 on Netflix and was so sad to find out season 3 does not exist :(
    please please please bring this show back

  18. Ashley Cann Said:

    Im crossing my fingers there will be more seasonS to come,
    ESPECAILLY with the way season 2 ended!

  19. Miranda Said:

    This show can’t end. Bring it back please, my questions need answers. There needs to be a 3rd season, please!!

  20. vicki Said:

    please come back you guys left us hanging at the finale, need to see more. I watch it on netflix and it blew my mind how good it was, a little scary too, but please bring back.

  21. Jaimielynn Said:

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!

  22. Anonymous Said:

    Bring the show back!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so upset

  23. kristina Said:

    Bring back the show please need to know more whether it is on tv or Netflix i don’t care just wanna see more

  24. Jessica Said:

    netflix should defiantly take one the lying game I am dying for the ending

  25. kayleigh Said:

    season3 season3 season3 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  26. Emily Nirens Said:


  27. Brenda Gillard Said:

    Please, please, please, bring back the Lying Game! It is right up there with Pretty Little Liars. I know you think this is a teenage series but people of all ages watch it. You cannot leave us hanging. Please reconsider and continue the series.

  28. Bianca Said:

    why, like 3 years later still have us waiting. you couldn’t even finish it? this is the best tv show ever? nexflix, youtube,tv i dont care just bring back this show!! somewhere!

  29. Kari Said:

    I have watched the show since it first came out. On behave of all the fans and my own, I do truly believe that there should be a Season 3 or at the very least a proper closure to the show. It has been cancelled for quite some time, and I think it’s about time the fans get what they deserve. The Lying Game was a spectacular show with high ratings. I honestly don’t see why it has been so long, and why it’s still not renewed! Fans still comment, and still care to question, that means it’s worth it!

  30. Meleane Niu Said:

    I really love the show please bring it back we miss it sooo much.

  31. Tye Said:

    Plz bring this show back I was so upset to see an ending like that and then not to know what happens after great show don’t know why it would be taken of in the first place but bring it back

  32. lara Said:

    NEED TO BRING THE SHOW BAAAAACK! i want to know what happens PLEAAAAASE!!

  33. echo Said:

    Plz bring it back its my fav show i dont know what im going to do with out it plus emma and ethen belong together not sutten and ethen ewwwww .

  34. kattie Said:


  35. Madison Alvarnaz Said:

    Please please please come out with a third season i love love love love this show the way it ended did they3r really kill everoe i meab dibt cacel this shiw im 13 and going blind so please dont cancel this shiw bring back soon so maybe i can watch it befor i go blind please please please

  36. Arebella Said:

    Omg, please bring this show back! Like the ending was so speechless, you guys really have to make a 3rd season at least put it on Netflix or something but please please please have season 3 come out. It’s actually a good show and maybe more people will watch, I started watching this show this year well last year and I loved it so can you guys please please have season 3 come out! Look at all these people they really want it to come out too. I really hope you guys will think about this and have season 3 come out! :)

  37. Tia Wells Said:

    Season Three Please!!!!!!

  38. Becky Said:

    Season 3 please love this show

  39. samanta Said:

    prasau 3 sezono jei jau pradejot kurti tai su pabaiga. prasau

  40. Anonymous Said:

    Please bring back this show, it’s amazing.

  41. Anonymous Said:


  42. aprile Said:

    I still think about this show almost 2 years later wondering if I will ever see what happened next. Please bring back

  43. Kayla Said:

    If ABC Family won’t bring it back try Netflix!!!! I just joined and see there is season 1 on there. Just try to get them to put season 3 on there too!!! Two years later and people are still talking about it obviuosly shows how great of a show it was….

  44. Jenell Said:

    Please make a season 3!!!! This show was my addiction, now a few months after finishing both season 1 & 2, I’m re watching them cuz of how much i missed it

  45. Nona parker Said:

    I did the same thing . Went on Netflix 5th see if it was a season 3. I didn’t find it so I started re-watching season 2. LoL. Having us beg for a season 3 is torture :(

  46. Anonymous Said:

    such an amazing show way better than pretty little liars if you ask me. Bring it back!

  47. Anonymous Said:

    Agreed^^^ pretty little lairs has nothing on TLG BRING IT BACK!!!!! Even if it’s just one more season for closure it’ll be totally worth it. Please consider this. Two years later and I still think about this show a lot. Promising ratings too I think a lot of ppl want this show renewed so make it happen

  48. vita Said:

    please bring it back.
    please season 3……….

  49. A Said:

    YESS! Bring it back!! I just re watched the first 2 seasons!! I need to know what happens after!!

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