First Look: Lying Game Winter Premiere!


Where's the trust, Emma? (Photo: ABC Family)

Hey, Emma, that twin intuition would come in handy right about now. In a preview of The Lying Game’s winter premiere, the Mercers’ missing car shows up – filled with water — but without any signs of Sutton.

“I think she’s dead, don’t you?” Emma confides to Ethan. Yeesh, way to assume the worst, E! But the longer Sutton stays missing, the more suspicions grow.

“Do you really think I did something to Sutton?” Ethan snaps back at Emma in the preview. We have a hunch Thayer’s the one planting doubts in Emma’s mind about her boyfriend’s true intentions.

You’d think Alexandra Chando – who plays both Emma and Sutton – would be jumping out of her stilettos to know what’s coming next for her characters, but that’s not the case. “Every now and then I’ll talk to Chuck Pratt, who’s our executive producer and creator, and he’ll give me some tidbits. But honestly, I don’t even like to know,” the laidback Pennsylvania native tells The Huffington Post. “I like to sit down and find out for the first time what happens when I read the script.”

What do you think happened to Sutton? Is she dead or alive? Tell us in the comments, and talk more about Lying Game’s winter premiere in the message boards.

Catch The Lying Game’s winter premiere Monday, January 2 at 9/8c on ABC Family.


  1. Naomi Said:

    Sutton might be still alive, maybe she got out of the car, swam to shore (I mean like somewhere in Phoenix), but can’t find her way back home. That’s my guess.

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