Who Wore These Sparkly Shoes?

Alexandra Chando

(Photo: Shoes: Nikki Nelson; Full: Brian To/WENN.com)

Dorothy had her ruby slippers and The Lying Game’s Alexandra Chando has these shiny stilettos to add a hot pop of glam!

Copy Alex’s fashionable lead with these three strappy chic must-haves for the summer:

Now that you have the perfect silver heels, it’s time to follow the golden rule: always, always pamper yourself with a pedi before wearing open-toe shoes. Pixi’s Colleen Lota is here to teach you how to skip a trip to the salon and paint your toes pretty yourself:

Your Pedicure Must-Haves:

Nail polish
Base coat and top coat
Nail clipper
Nail file
Nail buffer
Cuticle softener and clipper
Foot exfoliant
Cotton ball or cotton pad

Step 1:  Prep Your Toes
Start by trimming and filing toes. Place cuticle softener on the cuticle bed of the toes.  Gently push the cuticles toward the bed of the toes and remove build up. With a cuticle clipper, trim the excess cuticle bed. Using your foot exfoliant, exfoliate your feet and rinse off with luke warm water and dry. With your nail buffer, buff the top of each toenail. Lastly, placing a quarter-size amount of acetone on a cotton ball or cotton pad and remove excess debris off each nail.

Step 2:  Let’s Get Started
Place one coat of your base coat on your nails and wait to dry.

Step 3:  Brighten Your Day
Using your nail polish (check out Pixi colors here), apply one long stroke down the middle of the nail. The next stroke, place right beside the the first stroke, and same for the the third stroke, even out the top. Make sure to leave a gap on the sides so the color does not get on the cuticles. Let the first coat dry. With the second coat, repeat the same method above, smoothening out the sides and filling in the gaps. Let the second coat dry.

Step 4:  Seal the Deal
Using your top coat, place over dry nails to seal the color in place and let dry.

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