VIDEO: Allie Gonino Tries To Raise Awareness For The Thirst Project In This Insanely Funny Interview

Allie Gonino The Thirst Project

Photo Credit: WENN

Allie Gonino of The Lying Game is a supporter of The Thirst Project, which works to provide clean drinking water to the almost one billion people throughout the world who are dying of thirst.

In her interview, we can see that Allie is more than just an actress and humanitarian–she’s a great sport with a down-to-earth sense of humor! Watch the shenanigans that delusional interviewer Joe Hartzler plays on Allie throughout the video.

Make sure you click the links throughout the video in order to subscribe to Takepart TV and help Allie and The Thirst Project reach their goal of building a well in Swaziland. By subscribing, an automatic donation to The Thirst Project will be made by Takepart TV on your behalf and you will get exclusive access to the live stream of Allie Gonino and other celebs at The Thirst Project Gala tonight, June 26, in Beverly Hills!

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