Which Lying Game Star is in This Third Grade Photo?

Kirsten Prout young

(Photo: @kcprout)

One of the smiling faces in this third grade class photo grew up to become a Lying Game star. Can you guess who?

We’ll give you a hint. It’s one of the girls.

Bigger hint: She’s sitting in the front row.

Biggest hint: She’s obsessed with her dog, Stella.

That’s right — that angelic and innocent-looking student sitting behind the 3A sign is Kirsten Prout! (How completely opposite of what we imagine third grade Char would act like!)

“Little Kirsten circa grade three! Needs a hairbrush, stat!” the Vancouver, British Columbia native tweeted, along with posting this throwback photo.

Born on September 28, 1990, Kirsten started acting at age 10. She played Stella (is this where her adorable pooch’s moniker came from?) in the TV movie The Linda McCartney Story. The following year, Kirsten went on to play yet another Stella in 2001’s TV movie The Wedding Dress. In 2005, she starred alongside Jennifer Garner in Elektra and you’ll see Kirsten resume her role as Alex Bell in this year’s My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3.

Check out these then and now photos of Kirsten!

Kirsten Prout then and now

(Photos: then: @kcprout; now: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN)


White Hot!

Gisele who? Kirsten channels her inner supermodel at the MTV VMAs. (Photo: WENN)

Strike a Pose

Kirsten goes hippy for the cameras! (Photo: WENN)

All Smiles

This dog lover looks 'easy, breezy, beautiful' at a fashion show. (Photo: WENN)

Twi-hard Girl!

Kirsten was a Twilight fan before scoring a role in Eclipse. Check her out at the premiere for New Moon. (Photo: WENN)

Backstage BFFs

Stella's mama and her co-star Alice Greczyn pose together for a quick, kiss-y face pic. (Photo: Twitter)

Um, Ouch?!

It's okay -- it's just makeup! (Photo: Twitter)

Barbie Girl?

Apparently so -- or at least she was for Halloween! (Photo: Twitter)

Say Cheese!

Their characters have issues, but that drama ends the moment the director yells 'Cut!' (Photo: Twitter)

Shoe Blues

Hot fashion comes with a price. The girls give their toes a rest from fab -- but painful -- heels. (Photo: Twitter)

Punk Princess

Char, is that you? Nah..this is Kirsten playing dress up for another role. (Photo: Twitter)


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    Char should totally come back on Season 2, I missed her on the show.

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