The Lying Game: “The Revengers” Episode #201 Script

The Revengers Episode 201

(Photo: @alexandrachando)

They’re baaaack!

“Settling back into Austin. Just read the first episode of season 2,” Alex Chando tweeted from The Lone Star State, along with a photo of the script.

“Just got the script for #201,” Alex’s on-screen sister Allie Gonino also posted about the new episode titled “The Revengers.”

Allie just wrapped up a sweet Hawaiian vacation, so she’ll be headed back to her homestate soon. Meanwhile, Tyler Christopher, who plays Ethan’s cop bro, already peaced out of Malibu and is looking forward to the steamy Austin weather. What? Really? “Excited to see all my TLG pals. happy 4 thunderstorms all week. dont get those in malibu,” T explains.

As for Blair Redford, well, he’s arriving in Austin in true Ethan Whitehorse style. “I’m road trippin’ out to Austin for 2nd season of The Lying Game. Sticking to small historic roads. I highly recommend,” the Georgia boy said. Check out his photo from the road:

Blair Redford roadtrip

"Stopped in Oakman off Route 66. I think there are more donkeys walking the streets there than people," Blair tweeted.

So, we know the firstĀ  new episode is called “The Revengers.” Who do you think is getting their revenge? Sutton? Rebecca? From whom? Talk about it in the comments!

And check out these hint-dropping tweets about what’s to come next season!

Here We Goooo!

We like the sound of this, Chuck!

Huge Reveals? Ut-oh, Ted!



  1. TLG_xox Said:

    I can’t wait for The Lying Game season 2! I have a question though! If Sutton and Emma’s mother is Rebecca and Rebecca was once married to Ted isn’t Ted Emma and Sutton’s real father? It kind of makes sense in a way? Anyways I just started to read the books and they are phenomenal. The first one called ‘The Lying Game’ has so much details its incredible. Sutton’s dead and Emma is trying to figure out who killed her! The Lying Game is my favorite show ever! P.S. Never have I ever stopped talking about Ihe Lying Game.

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