The Lying Game Series Premiere Playlist Featuring Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and More!

We have a pretty little confession to make: We are totally obsessed with The Lying Game. From watching Emma trying to assimilate into Sutton’s luxurious lifestyle to Sutton’s disappearance in LA, there wasn’t a dull moment. Theย premiereย packed plenty of hotties, fierce fashion, and drama to leave us begging for more!

Oh, and another aspect we L-O-V-E-D? The awesome songs. It’s as though the music supervisor from the show snuck a peek at our top-most-played-songs playlist. A little Katy Perry, a little Taylor Swift and you’ve got yourself a party! Listen to the best tunes from the show here:

Music Playlist at

Which Lying Game premiere song was your fave? Tell us in the comments and remember to tune in this Monday at 9/8 c on ABC Family for an ALL-NEW episode!


  1. Immadancer Said:

    1st comment! Im obsessed with taylor swift and i screamed when enchanted came on!!!!

  2. Emily Said:

    Ugh there are more songs that were played and I can’t find this one song, it was when Emma was running at the beginning of the Pilot Episode!

  3. gigi Said:

    @immadancer ikr taylor swift is a good singer

  4. sammmmmmystinkers Said:

    i. love. tswiftinators. tswiftinators + new show that’s written by the same author of pretty little liars with amazing pranks = … happiness!<3

  5. Naomi Said:

    I love Enchanted by Taylor Swift and Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. They’re both great singers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Poop Said:

    Taylor Swift would be better if she didn’t sing about the same thing all the time, and if she didn’t make her songs sound exactly the same.

    Katy Perry would sound better if she had talent.

    Adele…well Adele couldn’t sound better if she tried ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. ME Said:

    I love her. I hate Katy Perry though and ive never heard of those other bands. Whatever! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Deirdre Said:

    I’m T.S. ALL THE FREAKIN’ WAY!!!!!! Katy’s OKAY…and I’ve never heard of any of those other bands!!

  9. Theo Said:

    @ME Confession: I’m a big TSwizzle fan too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Poop Said:

    Adele beats them both by a long shot, for the record :3

  11. ME Said:

    @Theo, Ikr! I just saw her in concert in June! It. Was. AMAZING!

  12. sammmmmmystinkers Said:

    @ME I WISH I WAS YOU, ME! i would absolutely LOVE to see her in concert, and if i got in the t-party, i would. just. DIE.

  13. Poop Said:

    My sister went to her concert… She’s a big fan of the music I dislike.

  14. Theo Said:

    @Deirdre Have you been to a T-Party yet?

  15. ME Said:

    @sammmmmmystinkers, Ive never been to a T-Part but the concert:

  16. ME Said:


  17. AliandSuttonfan Said:

    Taylor Swift is NOT as alented as eeryone says she is! I saw her in concert and se was really pitchy! Like a lot of singers these days, she’s an auto-tuned star. Katy Perry on he otherhand obv feels the need to get more attention w/her messed-up/out of wack songs and ridiculous/slutty outfits not to menion she’s a total diva. I like TS better than KP, but her songs all sound the same. Luv the Lying Game!

  18. Cals Said:

    The song that Sutton’s dad and Emma danced to!!! SO GOOD!

  19. brittney Said:

    the song where emma was dancing with suttons dad was terrifed by jordyn cane ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. jo Said:

    wats da name of da song wen Emma dances wit Suttons dad on E2

  21. Theo Said:

    @jo The Lying Game playlist goes up tomorrow so definitely check back. We’re going to have all the great songs ready for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. ME Said:

    @AliandSuttonfan, Actually when i went to see Taylor Swift in concert she sounded awesome but different enough from the cds that I know they dont auto-tune her voice so much that its not even her anymore. The record company just changed her voice a tiny bit for the cds so there was no stutters or pauses. TSWIFT FOR LIFE!

  23. ME Said:

    ^On the other hand Katy Perry sounds so fake. I hate her.

  24. jo Said:

    thnx THEO

  25. jo Said:

    da song WEN Alec and Mads have an argument about Thayer is Was It BY
    Malbec Such a calm, mellow song.

    This is officially my new๏ปฟ favorite song
    Enjoyin TLG

  26. samantha Said:

    i love taylor swift she is like my fav. singer in the whole wide world

  27. Theo Said:

    @Samantha I hit up one of her concerts recently. She is amazing! AMAZING! It was a whole, magical fest! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. Laurel Said:


  29. Theo Said:

    @Laurel OMG! I went to her concert too and loved every single scene. I especially loved the set for Enchanted and the dramatic effects from Dear John! ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Celine Online Said:

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  31. Angelina Nolfi Said:

    What was the song called when emma and nisha were in a tennis match n emma one

  32. Angelina Nolfi Said:

    In pilot

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