THE LYING GAME: Prologue Reactions

The Lying Game

Have you read the The Lying Game’s prologue yet? Good, because we want your reactions! Feel free to post as much as you want. As a friendly warning to those who haven’t read the prologue yet: if you don’t want other fans to spoil it, don’t read the comments until you’ve caught up!

What did you think of The Lying Game prologue?


  1. allieelephant. Said:

    the prolouge was AMZINGLY AMAZING!!! :] i LOVED it sooo much. ♥
    now i cant WAIT for it to hit stores, ill be first in line to buy it! :] hahaha, i love sara shepard.! not to mention PLL. its coming PRETTY soon. ahhh. 😀

  2. PLL♥er Said:

    OMG! amazing love it so much in so little. I need more!!!!!LOVED!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

  3. Molly Said:

    If the prologue is this intense, I cant wait to read the whole book. Sara’s writing is amazing.

  4. PLLFAN123 Said:

    i think it it so cool i cant wait to read the 1st book! 🙂

  5. Allison Said:

    I CANT READ THE PROLOGULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Maggie Said:




    YOU GO GIRL <333333

  7. Sarah Said:

    was just wondering if anyone knew why there are only 10 episodes available online, yet it states there were 22 made on a fact page??

  8. ppliarlover Said:

    omg it is soo good. i cant wait for it to come out. go pll and go sara shepard!!!

    Countdown: 56 days!!! omg that is so close!!

  9. Lulucoolcat1 Said:

    @ Sarah
    Yeah I know! Idk but it might be because when you go on YouTube it says abc only lets you see previews of episodes.

    Anyway, I loved the prologue! It was so crazy and suspenseful. It won’t be as good as PLL but it will be good!

  10. Spencergurl Said:

    it was really… interesting but it seems like sara shepard has really found a good writing style and this is almost exactly like pretty little liars. can’t wait to read it!

  11. Spencergurl Said:

    @Sarah well yes 10 episodes have been on tv so far but the other 12 are going to be premiering in early january on abc family.

  12. PLL Said:

    I just finished heartless of the pretty little liar series, and in the back, it describes the lying game. It gave a lot away, and has to do with a twin. (again) It said something like Emma Paxton had a bad life, and discovered she had a twin with a better life. It also said Emma would do anything to have the other twins life. So basically, it sounds just like pretty little liars. (I know what happens in pretty little liars cuz my friends told me the whole thing, so thats how I know about the twins)

  13. Mrs. Miller Said:

    Thank you for writing an amazing set of books that my 14 year old students absolutely LOVE! They devour each book in about a week. I’m happily going broke supplying all of your books to my students who want to read them.
    Mrs. M

  14. Sophie Said:

    I read the preview and I am so excited. The video on The Lying Game section of the site has me intrigued. I heard rumours this series will also become a show on ABCFamily, are they true? Just wondering 🙂

  15. elizabeth Said:

    omg! i obsolutly love the book so fair i just bought it yesterday and its amazing keep righting!! 🙂

  16. marie Said:

    i want to read it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad anyone a good FREE site i can read it on?

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