The Lying Game Playlist: Music from Episode 1.09, “Sex, Lies, and Hard Knocks High”

Demi Lovato's music was recently featured on ABC Family's The Lying Game

Photo Credit: Demi Lovato / Splash News

ABC Family’s addictive series The Lying Game is full of hot guys, fabulous fashion, aaaand…what’s an awesome show without a handful of must-download tunes? So far, TLG has provided viewers with rocking tunes and the music in episode 1.09 was certainly no exception! From Demi Lovato to Lelica, episode 1.09 had it all!

Listen to some of the best tracks from “Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High”:

  1. Defying Gravity” by Freddy and the Dials: Plays when Sutton searches for a suitable outfit from a pile of clothes at Lexie’s house.
  2. Who’s That Boy (feat. Dev)” by Demi Lovato: Plays when Sutton and Lexie are playing blackjack at Kelvin’s casino party.
  3. Everything You Need” by Kate Booye: Plays when Ethan is working on his motorcycle and talking with Emma.
  4. Come Away With Me” by Lelica: Plays when Sutton climbs aboard the bus at the end and Ethan and Emma have a heart-to-heart convo.

Which song from ep 1.09 was your fave? Tell us your pick in the comments and/or chat TLG music in the Lying Game viewers lounge!


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