The Lying Game Episode 1.07: "Escape from Sutton Island" Recap

The Lying Game Escape from Sutton Island

THE LYING GAME - "Escape from Sutton Island" - As the situation in Phoenix starts to fall apart for Emma, Sutton comes face to face with Annie Hobbes, in "Escape From Sutton Island," an all new episode of ABC Family's original series "The Lying Game," premiering Monday, September 26th (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT). (ABC FAMILY/BILL RECORDS) KIRSTIN PROUT, CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER, ALICE GRECZYN

ABC Family’s suspenseful  series The Lying Game aired its seventh official episode last night and– HOT DAMN!–things got super heated (weather temperature aside) due to all the shockers! And, if you missed it, you can still watch the ep on or catch up with the’s official recap below!

So here our top five OMG moments from episode 1.07 of The Lying Game:

1. Mads discovers some unsavory news…that her bff Sutton slept with Thayer. So, not only is Mads now angry at her for keeping secrets and dating a guy from the “wrong side of the tracks”, but for also sexing it up with her younger brother. (Ugh-gross!) Unfortunately, Emma (who’s still posing as Sutton) received the full blast of Mads’ attack.

2. Dr. Hughes keeps Sutton in the psychiatric ward against her will. Apparently, the doc plays by Alec Rybak’s rules, and he rewards her handsomely each month for her efforts. Sutton screams the truth. “I’m Sutton. She’s Emma. Let me out, you crazy biatch!” Unfortunately, her frantic outbursts make her look like a raving lunatic. (Oh , Sutton. See what happens when put your perfect little nose where it doesn’t belong?)

3. Emma’s walking back to Sutton’s convertible late at night when she hears heavy footsteps approaching. So, she does what any smart girl in a scary situation would do–she crouches behind her car and springs out at her potential attacker, pepper spraying the beejeezus out of him. But whoa–it’s Ethan! (Luckily,  Emma’s a bad shot so she didn’t inflict any permanent damage on his retinas.) She then discovers she has a flat tire and has no choice but to climb on the back of Ethan’s motorcycle and wrap her arms around his washboard abs. (Sadly, there’s no sexy goodnight kiss. Oh, the horror the horror!)

4. While Emma, Ethan and Thayer are racing around Phoenix, trying to unravel the web of lies surrounding Annie, Laurel reaches a life-altering decision. Justin Randall is the one. (Her future husband? Of course not, yo! Just the guy who’s worthy of her V-card….)  So, she grabs a couple bottles of wine, spritzes on a little perfume and pulls out the slow jams and then waits at Justin’s bachelor pad to seduce him. And, she does—or so we think. 5. Either way, her candlelit evening does not end up as romantic as she hopes. Dr. Mercer and Kristin take the “it’s 10 o’clock…do you know where your children are” PSA seriously and freak out when little Laurel disappears into the night. Being the kickass parents that they are, they turn on the flashlights and tiptoe through Casa del Justin until they stumble upon…”OMG! Mom! Dad! It’s not what you think!” poor Laurel hollers the instant her parents see her in bed with J-man. (Cover up those legs, girl!)  Kristin then randomly tears up and races out the room. (“Awkward” doesn’t even begin to describe this scene!)

5. Back in L.A., Sutton dreams and schemes and dreams some more until her big break arrives—she gets to meet her biological mom, Annie! Sutton finally manages to sneaks into her mom’s room and watch her paint. Unfortunately though, Sutton looks like Emma and Annie thinks Emma died in the house fire long ago because “they” told her so. (WTH? Who’s “they”? Alec and Ted?) Sutton, clearly bewildered, starts badgering her mom with questions—to the point where Annie screams out for help. Sutton tries to hush her but it’s too late. The orderlies rush in and drag her out of her mom’s room. Dr. Hughes decides then it’s time for Sutton to go home. Sutton thinks that her luck is changing and breathes a sigh of life. A little premature there, don’t you think Sutton?  As turns out, Dr. Hughes isn’t returning her to the lap of luxury. Everyone still thinks Sutton is Emma disguise so that means it’s back to temporary homes, delinquency and juvy jail! Crap yo.

Biggest OMG moment: When Emma returns home and a guy’s climbing through her window. Thayer? Nope. Ethan? If only. Dun dun dun…the mysterious intruder is Travis. The pervy perp is back! (Eww! Let the retching begin.)

Which moment from “Escape from Sutton Island” was most shocking for you? Chat about it HERE!


  1. littleofsuttonlittleofemma Said:

    @Theo, Sutton’s adoptive mom’s name isnt Helen, it’s Kristin. Amazing episode though!

  2. Theo Said:

    @littleofsuttonlittleofemma Thanks! The actress who plays her is Helen Slater (the original supergirl) — must have had a blank moment! 🙂

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