The Lying Game Episode 1.02: OMG Moments from "Being Sutton"

ABC Family’s suspenseful new series The Lying Game aired its second official episode last night and what a mystery fest it was! We enjoyed tuning in and can’t wait for more upcoming episodes. And, if you missed it, you can still watch the first two episodes tonight after the all new Pretty Little Liars episode! (And/or read our “OMG moments” recap below for the full scoop. πŸ˜‰ )

So here our top five OMG moments from episode 1.02 of The Lying Game:

  1. It takes courage to say sorry and even more so to say sorry to an arch nemesis. When Nisha struts into school and spots people laughing at a viral video of “Sutton“(aka Emma) punching her, she looks crestfallen. We thought Emma was going to out-Sutton herself by gloating but, instead, she extends Nisha a sincere apology.
  2. Ethan Whitehorse. Ballroom dancing. Have mercy! Seriously though–how hot did Ethan look as he spun Emma around and around? (Pardon us but we need to T-swizzle remix it for a sec: “You lift my feet off the ground / Spin me around / You make me crazier, crazier / Feels like I’m falling and I
    I’m lost in your eyes / You make me crazier / Crazier, crazier.” Okay–officially out of our system!) When Ethan offers to teach Emma a few steps after his country club work shift, we shrugged. “What would Mister Brooding Ab-man know about about waltzing?” we reasoned. But homeboy proved us wrong! We wouldn’t mind learning him showing us some suave moves too!
  3. Eduardo (aka the fly guy from Step Up 3-D) and Mads heat up the ballet studio in a graceful partner dance. Unfortunately, Char was born with two left feet and Eduardo cuts her from an upcoming recital. Her mother, Phyllis Chamberlain, isn’t at all happy with the news and blames Char for basically not working hard enough to earn a spot in the show. Thankfully, Emma comes to Char’s rescue and everyone is shocked. Sutton would never do that! (Of course not…but some situations require the brave Emma touch!)
  4. Emma manages to pull off a dance with Sutton’s father Mr. Mercer and the father-daughter dance scene is a true tear-jerker because of how Emma’s eyes are shining happily. (You can tell immediately that she longs for loving parents and a family to call her own.) Unfortunately, the rest of the evening disintegrates into chaos. Mads’ dad, Alec Rybac starts yelling at Sutton (Emma), blaming her for Thayer’s abrupt departure to LA. Then, Ethan gets arrested for trying to defend Emma. Naturally, the night ends with Mrs. Mercer answering Travis‘ call and Laurel telling their parents that Ethan and Sutton are an item. And, of course, the instant Laurel tattles, Mr. and Mrs. Mercer head into Sutton’s room to talk with her…and spot her on the bed with Ethan (just talking..but they wouldn’t believe that excuse in a thousand years).
  5. Sutton’s breathing and kicking! She’s alive! ALIVE! ALIVE! ALIVE! She finally contacts her extremely worried twin to let her know all’s cool. However, even though Emma seems more relieved than annoyed, Ethan pops his handsome head into the Skype video frame to tell Sutton off. (Agitated much?) Sutton’s eyes narrow at the idea of Ethan spending time with Emma. Not so fast though, missy! Sutton should be the last person to complain because she’s actually hanging out with Thayer in LA. (Seriously–what’s up with those two?)

The Big Ta-Da: Alec Ryback is the sketchiest power player in all of Scottsdale, Arizona. Remember how an intruder broke into the Mercer home in the series premiere and ran off with Sutton’s laptop? Alec made a young man named Derek do it in exchange for dropped charges. So basically, Alec’s behind the laptop theft…but why?!

Wow! So many startling moments on “Being Sutton”! Which oneΒ was your fave? List it below in the comments! (Don’t forget to tune in for an encore presentation of the first two episodes tonight at 9/8 c on ABC Family!)



  1. Naomi Said:

    I liked the part when, Ethan and Emma were practicing waltzing, and when Emma danced with Mr. Mercer at the Daddy-Daughter dance.

  2. ME Said:

    Cant say for sure but i loooved it!

  3. ME Said:


    2nd and 3rd Comments!

  4. A Said:

    I loved everything about the episode!!! Especially the
    “Pas De Deux” from “The Nutcracker” that Mads performed with her teacher. It was beautiful!!! I love this show!!! Hope the next episode is really good πŸ™‚

  5. Theo Said:

    @ME Lol! I knew you’d know where those lyrics are from! Sorry I wished they continued the TSwift tradition by playing that song at that moment since it would have fit beautiful πŸ™‚

  6. KikiBird Said:

    Emma is definetly going to end up with Ethan.

  7. AprettyLilLiar Said:

    How come they changed her name form “Emma Paxton” (from the books) to “Emma Becker” ?? πŸ™
    I know the show wants to go it’s own way to keep things interesting but…still…”Becker” isn’t very interesting

  8. Theo Said:

    @AprettyLiLLiar Lol this change wasn’t ours! We actually didn’t even realize until we went to imdb! πŸ™‚

  9. ~A Said:

    yes the father daughter dance was cute but i feel so bad for laurel! she just doesnt want to end up second best to sutton and poor laurel, when char comes over she says something like “wow, ur talking to me?” and char says ur not a COMPLETE monster. its just sad. btw, i dont like ethan he just. . . bugs me. i dont know how to explain it. and theo, is next tuesday’s PLL mid-season finale or summer finale or season finale or what? some people say its mid-season and will reasume in janurary but that is WAY to long for a MID-season finale

  10. Gabby Said:

    I love Thayer he should be with Emma

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