The Lying Game: Emma Paxton versus Sutton Mercer


Emma Paxton and Sutton Mercer–the sassy twins from Sara Shepard’s bestselling series, THE LYING GAME–look identical, but personality-wise, they are as different as night and day. Find out how they differ and learn how to tell Emma and Sutton apart!

Emma Paxton: After being bounced from foster home to foster home throughout her life, Emma has become a master at adaptability. She’s creative and enjoys summarizing her day up through headlines and organizing her life into lists. She’s quiet, casual (just a regular ponytail and jeans kinda gal) contemplative, and a wallflower (she tries not to draw attention to herself). However, although introverted, she’s more than capable of handling herself in tough situations. Emma dreams of having a place to call home and a family that loves her.

Sutton Mercer: She’s the official “it” girl at school. Just like PLL’s Alison DiLaurentis, she’s the girl you love to hate but hanging with her makes you feel more special. She loves hardcore pranks and snatching what isn’t hers (including boyfriends). Sutton was adopted by a family that loves her unconditionally and she leads a luxurious existence: She drives an expensive vehicle, dates the hottest guys, wears the most glamorous outfits, and is the ring leader of her popular clique. Moreover, she’s a catty trend-setter who doesn’t even blink when she utters an ultra blunt insult.


  1. Naomi Said:

    I’m looking foward to what happens, when Emma takes Sutton’s place, while Sutton finds their biological mother in L.A. 🙂

  2. claire Said:

    im soo excited to see the show and to see what happens

  3. RAwR Said:

    I can’t wait! but its a lot different from the book.

  4. emmie:) Said:

    ive read the books, and i cant wait! and anyone recognize Sutton’s boyfriend from somewhere? i’ll give you a hint…he was in another “ABC family” show….give up??? it’s Ty from Swithched at Birth!! anyway, i hope that the show is at least SOMEWHAT like the books. i mean, take the show and the books for pretty little liars. i love both, but i like the books more. like, on the show, there are some characters that didnt even EXIST in the books!!!!!!!! i just hope “LYING GAME” the show isnt crazy different from the books.

  5. ME Said:

    Just a little under a half an hour left! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. SKD Said:

    I’m pretty sure Sutton went to LA to find Thayer. Madeline said that he was there.

  7. Theo Said:

    @SKD We have a sinking suspicion she was there for that reason too!

  8. PLS Said:

    omg that was soo good. but not quite as good as PLL 🙂


  9. Emma Said:

    the is amazing, but the series is actually alot different than book. 🙂

  10. Em Said:

    i love the book and the show but they are so different which i guess is good so each is still really interesting

  11. aria Said:

    ;l loved to show i can tell them apart esily though its pretty easy imo

  12. PLLfan Said:

    i love the lying game. almost as much as pretty little liars. i cant wait for the next episode. its gonna be amazing. 😀

  13. Brooke Said:

    mann i love pll so much but i think the lying game is a little better

  14. Fifi Said:

    I gotta say pll is a the golden medal but tlg gets runner up.:)

  15. BrittanyTayylor Said:

    I’m dyying to read the books !! TheLyingGamee is my new addiction, besides Pretty Little Liars ! (:

  16. jayanna Said:

    the lying game is so awsome and they rule

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