Did Ted and Alec Start the Lying Games?


Are Sutton and Ted hiding their own secret? (Photo: ABC Family)

Lying games could be a Mercer family affair.

“With Ted and Alec, my understanding of their relationship is high school acquaintances,” Charisma Carpenter  revealed on a recent conference call about her back-with-sass character Annie Rebecca Sewell. “They were cruel and mean to me and what that means, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. They played games on me. Maybe The Lying Game started way before Sutton.”

Say what?! Could the reason that Laurel complains Papa M favors Sutton is because he sees a flicker of his own rebellious teenage self in her? Did Sutton accidentally stumble upon Alec and Ted’s old lying game playbook and that’s what gave her the idea to pull off such extreme pranks?

Charisma isn’t sure, but she does know that her character makes Ted uncomfortable. Super uncomfortable. “There is a very interesting tension between Ted Mercer and Annie Sewell, or Annie Rebecca Sewell.  I feel like whenever he’s around, he’s kind of a cold fish and she kind of revels in that,” Char’s long-lost aunt says. “So that has its own element to it, but it’s not like it’s mutual. With Alec, it’s like mutual interest.  With Ted, it’s like I can tell that I can ruffle his feathers and I love it.”

Now that Kristin and Rebecca are becoming fast friends, you better work on hiding those jitters, Ted!

Do you think Ted and Alec were the original founders of the lying games? Tell us in the comments and talk more about the show in the lounge.


  1. Susy Said:

    No. I think Ted and Alec started the lying game- they seem to know their deepest, darkest secrets. They always seem to cover for each other, even if those things go beyond what is legal!

  2. Brionna Said:

    I think that Ted and Alec know about the switch. I also think they started the Lying Game and Sutton maybe heard Ted talking to Alec ALONE on the phone and heard him talking about the Lying Game so she started it and Ted found out so now Ted favors Sutton. I also think that Rebecca Sewell is the real mother and NOT Annie Hobbs.

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