Juicy Scoop on Season 2, Episode 7 “Regrets Only” [EXCLUSIVE]

Rebecca and Ted

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If last week’s Lying Game episode had you on the edge of your seat, just wait until this one! Showrunner Chuck Pratt, Jr. tells us to expect a shocker in Season 2, Episode 7, “Regrets Only”! Here’s the juicy scoop we got from him this week:

Lyinggame.com: What’s your favorite scene or point in this week’s episode? 

Chuck Pratt, Jr.: This is a great episode, so it’s hard to find just one moment that stands out. There are many, but by far, I love the scene between Alec and Ted by their parked cars. Alec puts it all on the table. You really get to see a real, powerful reaction from Ted. It’s a scene that has an important reveal, but more importantly great emotion. The opening scene with Thayer and Emma is fantastic, and the ending is a shocker times two!

Lyinggame.com: What clues should we pay attention to in this episode?

Chuck Pratt, Jr.: Watch Emma’s reaction to Thayer, and see how she deals with Ethan. Has she made a mistake? And watch Ted unravel… Can you figure out why? Dan and Theresa get on the scent… and Ethan finds himself in the middle. He must choose a side.

Lyinggame.com: We discovered in the last episode that Derek was blackmailing Ted. Can you give us any sneak peeks as to how this evidence will change the murder investigation?

Chuck Pratt, Jr.: This knowledge will ultimately bring Emma and Sutton closer, and Sutton begins to turn on Rebecca. There is a new suspect in this murder, and it’s Ted — their own father! OMG! Since Rebecca remains a strong suspect, and don’t forget Alec, are the pieces finally fitting together? Someone is protecting the secret, and someone is protecting Ted… or many someones…

Lyinggame.com: As Sutton begins to doubt her allegiance to Rebecca, will her relationship with Emma see any changes?

Chuck Pratt, Jr.: Yes, indeed. Is there a thawing? Is it possible? And how long can it last? Sutton once said, “When our embryos split, you got all the heart.” How surprised will Sutton be if she finds out she has a little heart of her own?

Lyinggame.com: Can you give us any insight as to whether Alec’s intentions with Kristin are genuine?

Chuck Pratt, Jr.: As genuine as Alec could ever have. Same with Kristin. Those first crushes back in high school are hard to get over… and all it takes sometimes is a kiss.

Lyinggame.com: Jordan definitely seems to be working with Rebecca because he is hiding something. Can you tell us when we can expect that secret to come to fruition?

Chuck Pratt, Jr.: Keep watching. You’ll get it delicious piece by delicious piece. But you are oh-so-right, he’s definitely hiding something.

What do you think the shocking ending is going to be? What secret do you think Jordan is keeping? Make your predictions in a comment below and be sure to watch the new episode Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 9 pm ET/PST on ABC Family!


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