The Lying Game Recap – “Unholy Matrimony”: Season 1, Episode 20

sutton and rebecca working together

Never underestimate the power of Sutton Mercer. (Photo: ABC Family)

When Alexandra Chando promised us a “mind-blowing cliffhanger” in the finale, she wasn’t kidding!

From arrests to affairs to dropping a major bomb, “Unholy Matrimony” didn’t disappoint. Check out the top five moments that will hold us over until season 2.

1. Kristin Knows about Ted’s Affair with Rebecca. Poor Kristin. Her gut was right on about suspecting Ted and Rebecca hooked up. But there’s still a missing piece to this cheating puzzle: Alec tells Ted to be glad only half of the truth was revealed. So what’s part two? That he’s Sutton’s biological father?

2. Alec Gets Arrested for Derek’s Murder. After discovering the photo of Alec holding the murder weapon on Rebecca’s computer, Ethan, Thayer, Mads and crew jump into action and plan for Alec’s house to be searched while he’s at his own wedding. Good thing Alec asked to bump up the ‘I Do’ portion of the ceremony, because Dan and his fellow officers swoop in and arrest the groom right after Rebecca becomes Mrs. Ryback. Hey, Adrian Pasdar told us, “It’s not going to end like a normal wedding.”

3. Thayer and Emma Grow Closer. We already knew Emma and Ethan wouldn’t get back together, and now it looks like Thayer may end up with the girl. “gahhhi just want them to kiss already!” one Lying Game fan tweeted to us during the finale. Do you agree?

4. Rebecca is Sutton and Emma’s Mother… (wait, there’s more!)

5. And She’s Plotting with Sutton! As always, Sutton Mercer remains one step ahead of everyone else. All along she working in cahoots with Rebecca and pulling the strings. If exposing Ted’s affair and Alec getting arrested is just the beginning of their plan, what’s coming next?!

Were you shocked to learn about Sutton and Rebecca’s scheme team? Tell us below and talk more about all the finale drama in The Lying Game TV lounge.

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  1. Jackie Said:

    ahhhh so freaked about the finale cliffhanger!!!!

  2. Naomi Said:

    I’m freaked out that Rebecca is Sutton and Emma’s mother and she and Sutton on the “scheme team”.

  3. Aria Said:

    You guys are really that surprised. They look alike for pete’s sake

  4. John Smith Said:

    The Lying game Recap – Unholy Matrimony is an excellenct episode. I really like to read the reviews givne by you.

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