The Lying Game Recap – “Weekend of Living Dangerously”: Season 1, Episode 19

alec and rebecca kissing

Oh, she's good! (Photo: ABC Family)

Um, congratulations?

In “Weekend of Living Dangerously,” Rebecca and Alec prepare to take a trip…down the aisle. But too bad he’s not the only former high school bad boy who’s on her mind! Check out all the jaw-dropping makeup and breakup action from last night’s episode:

Emma and Ethan Realize They’ve Been Duped. Emma finally manages to confront Ethan about why he’s been blowing her off, and the two quickly realize Sutton’s been playing them both for fools. Emma learns that Sutton and Ethan never slept together, and Ethan knows that Emma and Thayer are just friends. For reals.

But They Break Up Any Way. Why? Because in the middle of this overdue truth fest, Ethan casually forgets to mention that he did kiss Sutton. Later, on a road trip gone wrong with Laurel’s band, Emma decides she’s ready to lose her virginity to Ethan. But right before that happens, the former jailbird confesses his smooch session on the ranch, and Emma fears Ethan will never get over his feelings for Sutton. We’ll miss you, Emmathan.

Laurel and Baz Get A Little Flirty. So her band didn’t end up playing at Coachella but things still kind of worked out for Laurel, who gives a sweet smooch to Baz (a.k.a. her real life bandmate Adam Brooks). Guess this means we’ve seen the last of Justin. “…yeah I think that’s it for the preppy golfer from Cali,” Randy Wayne tweeted on Feb. 16. If relationship misery loves company, Justin should go golfing with Ryan—he’s over Mads’ sketchy behavior, but hey, the girl’s dad could be a killer so cut her some slack, Ryan!

Meanwhile Rebecca and Alec Get Engaged. Here comes the bride. Well, maybe. While Googling into Rebecca’s past, Sutton and Thayer end up on the phone with R’s former housekeeper and learn about a locket that contains the photo of Rebecca’s great love back in Phoenix. And guess what Sutthayer conveniently find in Rebecca’s bedroom? The locket containing Ted’s (yes, Ted!) picture. So, Rebecca, about that diamond from Alec…

Next week is the season finale! Do you think Rebecca and Alec will go through with the wedding? Tell us below and talk more about the drama in The Lying Game TV lounge.


  1. Naomi Said:

    Maybe Rebecca and Alec will get married, but if he and Kristen finds out about her and Ted, then I guess it’s over.

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