The Lying Game Recap – “Not Guilty as Charged”: Season 1, Episode 18

rebecca outsmarts alec

She's got her eye on you, Alec. (Photo: ABC Family)

If “Not Guilty as Charged” taught us anything, it’s not to underestimate the power of Rebecca!

When Emma turned to her for help clearing Ethan’s name, she promised to do what she could – and soon someone mysteriously texted R a photo of Alec at Derek’s garage with the murder weapon in hand. Coincidence? Or is Rebecca finally starting to get her revenge on Alec and Ted?

Check out the other questionable behavior happening in Phoenix this week:

Someone delivers Rebecca a warning. While wining and dining with Alec, someone sends Rebecca an anonymous note – eerily similar to the one Emma received – telling her to beware of her date. Was the mystery message just part of Rebecca’s plan to scare Alec into dropping the charges against Ethan?

Sutton’s evil as ever. She managed to repair Ethan’s broken relationship with his dad, but Sutton’s good will ends there. She reads – and deletes – a text from Ethan to Emma instructing her to meet him at the jail. Once there, Sutton pretends to be her sister and Ethan confesses to his slip up with Sutton…but firmly promises that he has no feelings for his ex whatsoever. Not exactly music to this Mercer’s ears. So, a not-so-happy Sutton lies about Thayer and Emma sleeping together, which doesn’t go over well with E obvi.

Ethan’s free! The judge tosses Ethan’s case out the window due to lack of evidence – or Alec getting nervous that someone knows the truth? – but it’s not a happy reunion for Emma and Ethan. She still doesn’t know about him cheating at the reservation and can’t figure out why he’s blowing her off. That is, until Sutton fesses to Emma that she slept with Ethan while they were hiding from the police. Such a sweetheart, right?

In next week’s episode – titled “Weekend of Living Dangerously” – detective Thayer is back on the case and searching into Rebecca’s past. What do you think he’ll find? Share your thoughts below, and then talk more in the Lying Game lounge!

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  1. Naomi Said:

    I hope Thayer finds some good evidence about what happened with Rebecca, Alec, and Ted, because there is something going on with her, and I want to know what it really is.

  2. Susy Said:

    I hope Thayer finds out what Ted and Alec did to Rebecca.I have always suspected that Ted raped Rebecca and somehow Alec covered it up. I also think Rebecca could be Emma’s and Sutton’s mother! I just hope Thayer is careful because I wouldn’t put it past Alec hurting or even killing his son.
    Obviously, Rebecca is scheming against Alec and she’ll be his downfall!

  3. Ana Said:

    Interesting piece. In my neighborhood (no CP in shloocs) whenever there is a child on the bus who is hitting other children, it often seems that the aggressive child is one that gets hit at home. So the parents of the child are all proud of their strict discipline in their home, but their kid ends up acting out and hitting my kid on the bus.

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