The Lying Game Recap – “No Country for Young Love”: Season 1, Episode 17


Sparks are definitely flying now! (Photo: ABC Family)

Today would so not be a sweet Valentine’s Day for Emma and Ethan – and if you saw last night’s episode, then you already know why! But Ethan’s smooch with Sutton (Oh yeah, it happened!) wasn’t the only twist we heart from “No Country for Young Love.” Check out the rest:

Laurel dumps Justin! Justin gets a taste of his own breakup medicine when Laurel dumps him this time. She didn’t cheat on him with her cute new bandmate (although we bet they hookup soon!), but this rising singer is tired of sneaking around and the drama. Justin’s still head-over-heels for Laurel, so will he go away without a fight? Doubt it.

Speaking of breakups…Ethan and Sutton kiss! OK, first Ethan smooches Emma when Sutton’s still in the picture and now he – voluntarily and passionately! – makes out with Sutton while hiding out at his dad’s place. But did more than that happen? Now that Sutton has unfinished romantic business with Ethan, she’s more determined than ever to get Emma permanently out of the picture.

Alec Argued with Derek Before He Died. Emma, Thayer, and Mads put on their best detective hats and follow a path that ultimately leads them to a frat party. Not just any frat – but Alec’s former Greek casa. A scrawny pledge admits he saw Alec and Derek fighting the night Derek was killed, but pay close attention — he said he saw Alec there, but not him actually kill Derek. Hmm, where were you that night, Rebecca?

The FBI Finds Ethan: When Ethan’s dad called Dan, we knew there would be trouble ahead. C’mon, obviously Dan’s phone was being tapped so any contact from Ethan would tip off police. Sure enough, the FBI busts the door open and Ethan’s arrested for Derek’s murder…while Sutton’s secretly watches from the window. What’s her next move going to be now?

Will Sutton win Ethan back? Share your thoughts below, and then talk more about “No Country for Young Love” in the Lying Game lounge!

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  1. Susy Said:

    Sutton will do anything to get Ethan back- just to spite Emma. Her strategy of acting like Emma is working in reeling in Ethan again!
    Overall, the twists & turns are so exciting that you don’t know what will happen next!

  2. Naomi Said:

    It’s great that Sutton is becoming a less sassy and more giving person, but Ethan is with Emma, and what will she say about they’re hook-up? We’ll find out tonight.

  3. Susy Said:

    I honestly don’t think Sutton is changing her ways. I think her being with Ethan now is only payback to Emma, because Sutton blames Emma for Ethan dumping her. Sutton likes to be the dumper, not the dumpee. She’ll want Ethan for revenge and then she’ll discard him.

  4. Tenisha Sourlis Said:

    So nice of you to tell your story. Love it when people keep it real!

  5. Elwanda Oms Said:

    I’m grateful you decided to be writing about this. Feeling enlightened!

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