The Lying Game Recap – “Reservation for Two”: Season 1, Episode 16


Ethan and Sutton aren't safe on the reservation for much longer! (Photo: ABC Family)

Talk about ending with a bang! In the final moments of “Reservation for Two” — spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the episode yet! — Emma blurts out a mega-confession to Mads. She’s. Not. Sutton!

This could put Emma in serious danger — especially since her cute partner in crime is about to get busted by the FBI — but will Mads even believe Em? Or assume this is just another one of Sutton Mercer’s lying games?

Well, we just got off the phone a few minutes ago with the super sweet Alice Greczyn, who plays Mads, and here’s the scoop. “Mads is going to become an ally to Emma. Mads is definitely upset with Sutton now that she knows there’s both Sutton and Emma.” So don’t expect Mads to oh-so-easily forgive Sutton for making that pass at Ryan, not telling her she had a twin, and the list goes on and on.

Now, before we jump into more spoilers (like telling you that Laurel and Sutton’s parents won’t find out about Emma), let’s recap last night’s highlights from “Reservation for Two.”

Ethan Brings Out a New Side of Sutton. No makeup or heels, S? Instead of being a whiny brat on the reservation, Sutton’s surprisingly down to earth. No blow dryer? No problem. She even apologizes to Ethan for being such a crappy girlfriend. See, miracles do happen.

Allie Gonino Performs Again. “We are TOTALLY going to be debuting another song tonight,” Allie’s band, The Good Mad, tweeted. On the show, Laurel’s getting pretty chummy with her TV and real-life bandmate. All of those practices, performances, and late night pancakes together leaves little time for sneaking around with — what’s his name? Oh, right. Justin.

Mads and Sutton are No Longer Friends… Thayer’s loose lips wind up triggering Ryan’s confession that Sutton made a pass at him. Mads is fuming over her bestie’s betrayal and wants nothing more to do with such a backstabber. (Uh, Ryan, you kind of left out the part about you and Sutton hooking up. Just saying.)

Until Emma Confesses the Truth! Breaking point? Reached. Emma can no longer deal with cleaning up Sutton’s messes and the girl finally cracks. She tells Mads the truth about pretending to be her twin and the two will form a new friendship — but Sutton’s still sitting on the ice block.

What’s Happening Next Week? Busted! The FBI finds Ethan in his peaceful hiding place, and Alice tells us, “Sutton, she still definitely has her claws hooked into Ethan.” Me-ow!


Are you glad Emma finally told Mads the truth? Share your thoughts below, and then talk more about “Reservation for Two” in the Lying Game lounge!

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  1. Josee Said:

    Great episode! I love how Sutton is a different girl when she is over there! I really hope things work out!!

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