The Lying Game Recap – “Dead Man Talking”: Season 1, Episode 15


Here comes trouble for Ethan! (Photo: ABC Family)

Run, Ethan, run!

On last night’s episode of The Lying Game, poor timing has the cops suspecting Ethan…of murder! Say what?! Check out all of “Dead Man Talking’s” best twists, lies, and more:

Style High Note: Sutton’s chic cropped blazer steals the episode’s fashion spotlight. Layered over a bright pop of color, Sutton has a polished look for midterms week (eek!) but still flashes a touch of her signature sass.

Hottie Alert: Laurel’s found a new (and cute!) singing partner! Ut-oh, Justin. The younger Mercer sister is still continuing to see her no-longer-seeking-revenge boyfriend behind her parents’ back, but this new guy (who’s Allie Gonino’s real life bandmate!) just may be the final nail in their relationship coffin. Want to learn more about Adam Brooks? “Here is the new guy, BAZ’s, Twitter: @atbatbatb Follow this dude!” Randy Wayne tweeted. 

Most Unexpected Turn: You heard it from first! Someone killed Derek! Of course Alec is the top suspect, but that seems a bit too obvious, don’t you agree? Either way, the fingers now point to Ethan because he did get into a fight with Derek while trying to find out who hired Char’s ex to kidnap Sutton. Someone driving into the car repair shop where Derek worked forced Ethan and Sutton to flee — only to get pulled over by Dan Whitehorse’s cop buddy, who noticed E’s badly banged up hand. Question is: Who was in that car?

Creepiest Moment: Rebecca out-creeps Alec this week. Surprise, surprise. The reinvented Aunt Rebecca is definitely plotting something, and part of her scheme involves wedding bells. In the episode’s final scenes, Rebecca is spotted picking out a bling, bling engagement ring and saying it’s only a matter of time. Is Alec about to get duped?

Why We’re Pumped for Next Week! When Ethan goes on the run with Sutton, he finds himself on his father’s reservation. And guess who plays his dad? Gil Birmingham from Twilight! Get all the Team Jacob starts Lying scoop right here.

Who do you think killed Derek? Any why? Tell us below and talk more about “Dead Man Talking” in The Lying Game lounge.


  1. Jazzy Said:

    I think Rebecca may be the one who killed Derek, then again it I’ thinking it may have been Alec, however the creepiest person seems to be Justin but what would be his motive, guess we’ll just have to wait to find out

  2. Tamil Said:

    Allo stranger! Glad you like the pic I had SO many to chsooe from! Had a fantastic day I used to work near the Tate so visited some old haunts of mine too. You’ll have to sneak a day off with me next time xxx

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