Scene and Heard: Tiff Randol Has Two Songs on The Lying Game

Tiff's "I Will Remind You" was featured on The Lying Game and No. 1 on TuneFind! (Photo: Tiff Randol)

When it comes to landing her music on TV, Tiff Randol’s a pro. She’s already put her lyrical stamp on The Hills and Degrassi, and most recently her hit “I Will Remind You” made its way onto The Lying Game this season. Oh, there’s more! Tiff’s band, IAMEVE, also had their new song “Throw Me A Line” featured during “Being Sutton.” Double whammy! You have a ton of talent; in addition to singing, you’re also an actress and artist. How do you balance it all?
Tiff Randol: Thank you!  Life can get a little chaotic, since so much of the creative process is spontaneous, but I love it and try to take it one thing at a time.

LG: Which of the three do you enjoy the most?
TR: Music is my main squeeze, but I love them all 😉

LG: Any other hobbies?
TR: Traveling, camping, reading, animals, gabbing with my girls, and healing.

LG: You also write songs for musicians. How do you decide which songs you keep for yourself, and which ones you let other artists perform?
TR: I tend to create stories along with all the songs that I write.  Some of them are very personal and those are the ones I am usually attached to as an artist.  Other times I like to put myself in another person’s shoes and write stories and lyrics inspired by what I think they feel or experience.

LG: If you could pick any singer or band to make a hit out of something you wrote, who would it be?
TR: Muse. They are brilliant.

LG: What’s the story behind “Throw Me a Line”?
TR: “Throw Me A Line” is part of my new band IAMEVE.  It’s a concept album that explores death, rebirth, magic, and adventures through past lifetimes.  In this song, she is trapped in a dark, dreary world and trying to escape towards the light.  It’s all a bit sci-fi/fantasy inspired 🙂  [Editor’s note: Check out Tiff’s band IAMEVE on Facebook and Twitter!]

LG: A second song of yours will be on The Lying Game this season. Congrats! Who inspired “I Will Remind You”?
TR: Yes, that was on episode three I believe. I wrote that song for my best friend Kelly Sweet, who is also an amazing singer and artist.  She inspires me daily.

LG: Your songs have also been on Degrassi and The Hills. Do you still get pumped when you hear your music on TV?
TR: Absolutely!!

LG: Have you ever made a music video?
TR: Yes, a few which are on my youtube channels.  And actually right now IAMEVE is making our first official video for “Throw Me A Line” with an incredible visual team!

LG: Can you share tips on conquering stage jitters or having an awesome performance for singers just starting out?
TR: Knowing that they never go away for starters 🙂  Most of us have them forever, it’s just a matter of getting used to them!  I like to make sure I have quiet time before a show and I do a little breathing technique and meditation.


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