How Well Do You Know The Lying Game author Sara Shepard?


No lie -- Sara thinks Alex plays the perfect Sutton and Emma.

The wait is fin-al-ly over! Two Truths and a Lie — the third book in Sara Shepard’s Lying Game series — is yours for the reading. (We see that smile!)

Now, before you jump into meeting Thayer and unraveling more who-killed-Sutton? mysteries, celebrate the new Lying Game novel by playing Two Truths and a Lie with the book’s author herself!

Ready? Below are three facts from Sara about herself — but only two are true. Guess the phony!

  1. I once almost missed a swim race because I couldn’t get my shorts off in time for the starting gun.
  2. I almost got kicked off the track team because I flirted too much instead of doing the practices.
  3. I tried out for the school field hockey team, but was cut because the captain and I were frenemies.

Hmmm. Which juicy bit of gossip about Sara Shepard is false? Post your best guess in the comments and check back tomorrow morning to see if you were right!

Sara is telling more lies over at! Head over there to play another round of Two Truths And A Lie.


Play ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ with JoJo, Cymphonique, and Pretty Little Liars’ Brendan Robinson and Shane Coffey. Then talk more about Sara Shepard’s new book in the Lying Game lounge!

Don’t miss Two Truths and A Lie, the latest book in Sara Shepard’s bestselling Lying Game series, which inspired the hit TV show. Available now wherever books are sold.

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  1. Ingrid Said:

    1. True
    2. True
    3. Lie

    Love the show! Now to read the books!

  2. Jackie Said:

    1. true
    2. lie
    3. true
    that is what i got

  3. EM Said:


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