How Well Do You Know The Lying Game author Sara Shepard?


No lie -- Sara thinks Alex plays the perfect Sutton and Emma.

The wait is fin-al-ly over! Two Truths and a Lie — the third book in Sara Shepard’s Lying Game series — is yours for the reading. (We see that smile!)

Now, before you jump into meeting Thayer and unraveling more who-killed-Sutton? mysteries, celebrate the new Lying Game novel by playing Two Truths and a Lie with the book’s author herself!

Ready? Below are three facts from Sara about herself — but only two are true. Guess the phony!

  1. I once almost missed a swim race because I couldn’t get my shorts off in time for the starting gun.
  2. I almost got kicked off the track team because I flirted too much instead of doing the practices.
  3. I tried out for the school field hockey team, but was cut because the captain and I were frenemies.

Hmmm. Which juicy bit of gossip about Sara Shepard is false? Post your best guess in the comments and check back tomorrow morning to see if you were right!

Sara is telling more lies over at! Head over there to play another round of Two Truths And A Lie.


Play ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ with JoJo, Cymphonique, and Pretty Little Liars’ Brendan Robinson and Shane Coffey. Then talk more about Sara Shepard’s new book in the Lying Game lounge!

Don’t miss Two Truths and A Lie, the latest book in Sara Shepard’s bestselling Lying Game series, which inspired the hit TV show. Available now wherever books are sold.

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  1. Ingrid Said:

    1. True
    2. True
    3. Lie

    Love the show! Now to read the books!

  2. Jackie Said:

    1. true
    2. lie
    3. true
    that is what i got

  3. EM Said:


  4. Apsar Said:

    , I felt.When the godchild told me all that, I touhght to myself, Where’s the option where I say Fuck you, and shoot his circuitry, FREEING the reapers? Think about it. Sovereign had said Reapers are an individual and a nation. We’ve seen that they’re made up of processed and combined organics and this ghost kid is forcing them to visit the same gruesome fate on others that they faced. They’re SLAVES to his will.It seems to me that the Godchild may have been the first Synthetic lifeform, who overthrew his creators, and then, realizing they were all going to die, made them into the first Reaper, Harbinger. Being a stupid machine, that is TECHNICALLY 100% of synthetics murdering their creators, and so he set up these retarded cycles so it would never happen again. It’s more that he doesn’t want creators to be destroyed SPECIFICALLY by their own creations than that they shouldn’t be destroyed at all. His logic is skewed and flawed. So here’s my Mass Effect 3 ending, as it happened in my head. Godchild explains things. I say to him, Fuck you, and take aim at the central point of his entire Endings Machine, fire, and blow it to hell. This destroys his ability to control the reapers. Finally free, they stop exerting control on the reaperlings on the planets surface and they, realizing the abominations they’ve become, tear out their synthetic implants and kill themselves. The proper reapers do different things. Some self-destruct, some fly away shrieking, others attack the Citadel. Harbinger reaches into the control-zone, grabs Shempard (My guy’s called Shempard, BTW,) in a tiny mass effect bubble with an atmosphere to keep him safe. The Victory Fleet obliterates the few still violent reapers. Harbinger places Shepard gently at the base of Big Ben in London, where he’s found by his crew and Armiral Hackett. When he awakens in Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel (Still in orbit of Earth,) he explains that Harbinger used some of that beacon technology to speak directly to his mind, explaining my aforementioned theory about the Godchild, apologizing for everything he’d done, and announcing that he was going to then fly away, kill any violent reapers left in the galaxy, and then commit suicide in penance. We then get treated to a suite of visits, phone calls, and Get Well cards from all the people that Shempard has helped and touched in his travels. The End. And that’s how MY game ended, no matter what that bullshit ending said.

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