Fact or Fib: Olympian Ryan Lochte Has Secret Crush On Blake Lively?

Ryan Lochte, one of the members of Team USA for the 2012 Olympics in London, has been turning heads lately. In addition to being an impressive athlete, the 27-year-old swimmer has been garnering an extensive female fan base that is no doubt admiring him for more than just his backstroke. But does this Olympian only have eyes for Gossip Girl star Blake Lively?

Ryan Lochte

Photo Credit: WENN

It’s a FACT that Ryan’s secret celebrity crush is Blake Lively. He reportedly told People magazine that, “She makes my toes curl”.

Blake lively

"Toes curl?" That's definitely a new one. Photo Credit: WENN

We hope that quote doesn’t make a different Ryan (Blake’s real life boyfriend Ryan Reynolds) jealous!

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