Allie Gonino Reveals When We’ll Find Out The Status of Season 3

Allie Gonino Chenoweth Celebrates The Opening Of Riviera 31


We know you’ve been waiting patiently to hear the status of Season 3 for The Lying Game. Now, Allie Gonino (Laurel Mercer) is talking about when we’ll all find out for sure! Wetpaint chatted with the TLG star at the ATX Television Festival last weekend and asked her the question we have all been wondering… when will we find out if The Lying Game is renewed or cancelled?!

“July 15th is the date they have to tell us whether or not we’re coming back,” Allie revealed. She added that the whole cast would love to come back for another season.

Right now Allie is working on music and not stressing about what the future holds. If she has any free time she would love to guest star on a comedy, like her favorite show New Girl or even Nashville. In the interview, Allie admits that she turned down a role on Glee to pursue The Lying Game.

“I don’t really regret passing up the opportunity because I get to work on this show and play my own original music, but I will be forever grateful for being given that opportunity.”

Fingers crossed and calendars counting down the days until we hear the fate of The Lying Game!

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