Recap for The Lying Game Episode 1.09, “Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High”

Sutton Mercer assumes Emma Becker's identity on episode 1.09 of The Lying Game.

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Episode nine of The Lying Game was full of scandalous yet delicious twists (as can be expected with any ep titled “Sex, Lies, and Hard Knocks High”). From Sutton Mercer pretending to be Emma to Justin Randall’s hidden agenda, the latest episode of The Lying Game was full of unforgettable moments! Let’s recap each one, shall we?

Top five OMG moments from The Lying Game episode 1.09:

  1. Emma overhears Ted and Kristin arguing about telling Sutton the truth about how her birth mother is already alive. (No offense, but that’s practically public knowledge at this point.) However, the real kicker was that Emma then took the eavesdropping fun a step further by listening to Ted’s phone convo with Alec and learning that their dark secret is bigger than anything she could ever imagine. Hot damn!
  2. Sutton treks right into Emma’s gritty Vegas lifestyle…but, unlike Emma who’s done a decent job portraying Sutton so far, Sutton’s a miserable actress. Let’s be real— she craves attention too much and is a far cry from her quiet and reserved twin. Still, Sutton is an “it” girl and, without missing a beat, she busts out her fabulosity by designing a cute sundress out of a prairie gown mess, flirting with the school’s hottest stud (Kelvin), and scoring an invite to the hottest party of the year. Best of all? She shows that bitch Clarisse (Emma’s foster mom) who’s boss by telling her to keep her stanky hands off Emma. Woo!
  3. Kristin finds something horrifying while doing the weekly wash — a condom! Ay caramba. And much to Momma Mercer’s dismay, the rubber belonged to none other than one Miss Laurel Mercer aka her baby girl. After a super awkward mom and daughter discussion (where Kristin kept bringing up the perils of sexual intercourse and Laurel just kept declaring her independence and free will), the two reached a heartfelt understanding. (Thank goodness!)
  4. Alec is not only a liar but he’s the world’s worst liar. When Emma challenges Sutton’s godfather with a legal question about how to tell when someone’s lying, Alec immediately begins pinpointing all the behavioral indicators. Unfortunately, he subconsciously does everything he mentions so Emma grows even more suspicious of him. After getting owned by a high school student, Alec decides to take his frustration out on poor Derek by calling him useless and bullying him into breaking up with Char. Oh hell naw!
  5. While bidding Lexi farewell at the bus stop (and ready to head back to Phoenix), Sutton thanks her for everything (kind of surprising to see Sutton acting so gracious). Miss Sutton thinks she’s gotten away with her secret twin switcheroo but…Lexi might be terrible at French conjugation but she’s certainly not dumb. She reveals that she’s known the entire time that Sutton had been posing as Emma, (Which is hilarious considering the many times she referred to Sutton as snobbish or bitchy while talking to “Emma”.)

Biggest OMG moment: Emma discovers that Sutton sent a letter to her parents in which she reveals that Emma is an imposter who has been trying to take over Sutton’s life. (Yikes. That’s a bit harsh considering Sutton is the mastermind behind the whole switch.) Emma plans to leave Phoenix for good…but this time she’s bringing a friend (or dare we say boyfriend?) along. Ethan Whitehorse reveals that wherever Emma goes, he’ll follow. AWW!

Which moment from episode 1.09 was most shocking? Leave your feedback in the comments or chat about “Sex, Lies and Hard Knocks High” in the Lying Game viewers lounge!


  1. tralala Said:

    the episode was great! I can´t wait for the fall finale!! I <3 Emma and Ethan 🙂

  2. Theo Said:

    @tralala We don’t want to give away any spoilers but OMG the midseason finale is cah-raaaazy! Ahh!

  3. Naomi Said:

    Most Shocking TLG 1.09 OMG Moments:
    1. Sutton (posing as Emma) showing that b***h Clarisse who’s boss.
    2. Alec bullying Derek to break up with Char.
    3. Emma finding out about Sutton’s letter.

    Emma and Ethan are my favorite TLG couple! 🙂

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