Match These Quotes from Never Have I Ever!

Never Have I Ever

Have you read all of The Lying Game books? Twice? Prove to us how much you know about Sara Shepard’s beautiful, glamorous, and scandalous It clique!

For the next week, match these quotes to the characters who said them in Never Have I Ever, the second book in The Lying Game series.

Friday: “Maybe he wasn’t worth it.”

Saturday: “Don’t you miss what we had?”

Sunday: “Okay, bitches. Let’s get this show on the road.”

Monday:  “I’m so sick of you.”

Tuesday: “I’m Empress of Style.”

Wednesday: “I want to be Mistress of Awesomeness.”

Thursday: “Did someone dress while under the influence this morning?”

Leave your answers in a comment and check @lyinggame each day to see if you’re right!

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  1. arianna Said:

    i am only on the third book in the series and i love the books already like the books and if you want to send me some answers please at

  2. Kristine Alysa Said:

    This series is so interesting that I can’t stop reading the books. I accidentally read the 2nd book first instead of the 1st book first.

  3. Kristine Alyssa Said:

    Do you ever wonder who is who on the book covers? I do all the time!!!! It is so hard to tell the difference ’cause their twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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