OMG Moments from The Lying Game Premiere!


ABC Family’s suspenseful new series The Lying Game aired last night and what a scandalous affair it was! We seriously enjoyed tuning in and can’t wait for more upcoming episodes. And, if you missed it, no worries because you can still watch the premiere HERE and/or read our “OMG moments” recap below for the full scoop.

So here five OMG moments that went down in the Lying Game premiere:

  1. Emma Becker loves exercising and sporting comfy duds. Emma Becker loves video-chatting with her long-lost twin. Emma Becker loves slamming tennis rackets across her lying, pervy scumbag of a foster brother’s face. Emma Becker rocks!
  2. Sutton and Emma officially meet at a gas station while Taylor Swift’s “Enchanted” softly plays in the background. (Um…can we just take a minute to savor this magical moment?) Sutton informs Emma that she’s got a lead on their birth parents but, in order to follow up on it, that she needs to head to Los Angeles. (CoughThayercough.) She asks Emma to pretend to be her for two days while she jets to LA and back. (Hmm—living in a mansion, cruising around in a BMW convertible, and having access to the greatest walk-in closet ever? Poor Emma.)
  3. Sutton’s arch nemesis Nisha has no idea who she’s messing with when she challenges “Sutton” (aka Emma) to a tennis match. Nisha thinks that “Sutton” will cop out again and use her aching knee as an excuse to cancel the game. However, Sutton’s not herself these days (ha) and Emma conquers the tennis courts with her fiery backhand serve, and she proves to Nisha that the new Sutton Mercer is a force to be reckoned with. (Nisha looks almost as shocked as Travis did when Emma took him down!) Unfortunately though, Nisha gets in a little revenge by macking on Sutton’s boyfriend Luke; Emma spots the two of them locking lips after the game.
  4. Ethan Whitehorse is perhaps the most brooding, mysterious, and sexy guy in all of Scottsdale, Arizona. However, all Emma sees is a “Humpty Dumpty” slash stalker. Thankfully, Ethan neither resembles a short, bald egg with a top hat and weird pantaloons nor a psycho. And, the reason he’s always hanging around is because he’s Sutton’s secret boyfriend. (That and he’s also probably looking for some action now that his girl’s back from Paris)! Ethan, though, suspects something’s up with his lady friend so he administer the ultimate test and plants a knee-melting kiss on her pretty, pink lips. Emma looks blissfully speechless for a second but then realizes that she’s been busted. Uh-oh–will Ethan tell anyone?
  5. We were planning on dedicating the fifth OMG moment to Emma for packing another punch…this time in Nisha’s direction at Nisha’s very own fancy schmancy fiesta. However, as fierce and crazy as that cat-fight moment is, the Mercer home robbery takes the cake. Why? Because nothing else gets stolen. The only item that the thief runs off with is Sutton’s deluxe laptop. (Either the “breaking and entering” culprit really loves advanced technology or he/she wants to tap into all of Sutton’s secrets that are neatly organized on her laptop.)

The Big Ta-Da: When Sutton doesn’t show up to the cabin meeting spot, Emma frets. However, Sutton’s fine and hanging out at a California carnival in a rented vehicle with the license plate EZP 265. She looks like she’s waiting for someone but the person who climbs in abruptly is definitely not someone she was expecting! A frightened Sutton gasps and the screen fades out.

OMG. So many chaotic moments on the Lying Game premiere! Which one was your fave? List it below in the comments!


  1. PLS Said:

    i didnt watch it but ya know what?

    first comment! 🙂 haha


  2. Taylor Said:

    THE PUNCH!!! 😀 or the kiss! 😉

  3. skittlez Said:


  4. Naomi Said:

    My favorites OMG moments are when, Emma hits Travis with the tennis racket, Emma hits Nisha at her party, while pretending to be Sutton, and Ethan kissed Emma, and found out, she’s not Sutton.

    The Lying Game is AWSOME!!!! 😀

  5. Immadancer Said:


  6. Theo Said:

    @Naomi Ethan is so mysterious! He and Toby should join forces!

  7. Abby Said:

    ok i liked it when she hit travis with the tennis racket he was a total JERK!!!and Emma and Ethan make a cute couple

  8. ILuvEzandAria Said:

    Honestly……. I didn’t like it that much. Which was weird cause I was so freakin excited about it.I was expecting it 2 be more like the book. But there were some really awesome parts like when Emma punched Nisha I was like YOU GO GIRL!!.

  9. sara Said:

    the show wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. But I’m sure I’ll keep watching it.

  10. ME Said:

    Hmm… too hard to pick! LUVD IT!!!

  11. Theo Said:

    @ME It gets so good. It has an OC meets PLL vibe next ep! 🙂

  12. laura Said:

    I didnt get 2 see it awww….:(

  13. pll lover Said:

    it was the best compared to pretty little liars latly

  14. Naomi Said:

    @Theo I know right? Oh and one question. What was up with Emma when she started screaming in the pool?

  15. Theo Said:

    @Naomi LOL!!!! She was frustrated with the “vapid” girls around her and the fact that she had to deal with large oaf of a guy hahah

  16. Naomi Said:

    @Theo LOL!!! That makes sense. 🙂

  17. Dana Said:

    what song was playing when Emma and Luke kissed?

  18. mairon Said:

    What song played when Emma and Luke kissed? Does anyone know?

  19. darci Said:

    The pilot was very promising, I can’t wait to see how the season unfolds. I was especially impressed by Alexandra Chando’s ability to handle the dual-roles, she does a great job of capturing the subtleties between the two characters.

    One great example was when Emma (as Sutton) challenges Nisha by the pool. Knowing what the audience knows, just by looking at her facial expressions during the whole scene (and right after, when she talks w/ Laurel about why Sutton was adopted and what her parents might be keeping from her) I’m really impressed at how she conveyed emotion there – you can watch the scene at

    Also, so glad to hear “Only In Dreams” by Letters play in the background, that’s such a nice summertime song

  20. samantha Said:

    i liked it when ethan kissed emma and figured out that emma want sutton but i think they go together better than ethan and sutton did cuz sutton was just using him:)

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