Mimi’s Fashion Corner: Mads’ “Edgier” Fashion Next Season

Mimi's Fashion Corner: Mads' New Style

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Welcome to Mimi’s Fashion Corner, where Mimi Kaupe — the costume designer responsible for your favorite Lying Game looks — gives us the exclusive behind-the-scenes style scoop!

Remember when Alice Greczyn predicted, “Mads is going to spiral out of control, which sounds really fun. I would like to see Mads keep showing more of a backbone, and I’d like to see her kind of snap”? Sounds like Chuck Pratt was listening.

“Season 2 finds our characters in the spring of their junior year in high school. The girls are each facing difficult issues, and their wardrobe reflects that feeling in subtle color palette changes,” Mimi tells us. “Mads still dresses in her unique style — the sheer white Zara tunic she wears to the Fairway Fest is timeless and elegant, but we come to see her edgier side dominate this season.”

Speaking of that fierce side coming to light, Sutton’s BFF will also lock eyes with the new bad boy in town. “Expect Mads in the country club pool with handsome newcomer JORDAN (Ryan Rottman),” Chuck, the show’s head honcho, tweeted.

Take a look back at some of Alice’s best looks, and tell us what fall fashion trend you can’t wait to wear! We’re crushing on faux leather leggings!

Kitty love

Even in hair and makeup, Alice is all smiles. Why? Because she has her faithful sidekick --Butters the cat-- with her!

Twilight Fan?

Alice certainly seemed to be having fun and looking beautiful at the LA premiere of 'New Moon'.

Glamorous and Gorgeous

Even before 'The Lying Game', back in 2009, Alice looked amazing at the LA premiere of 'Push'.


Alice found a worthy opponent for tug-o-war in Butters the Cat; he eventually won, though, she insisted, she let him win because otherwise, "his pride gets gruntled."


She may be very glamorous at red-carpet events, but at home, Alice tweeted, there is not "any article of clothing cozier" than a one-piece.

Animal lover!

Alice loves all animals, not just her precious Butters; she shows that love here at the Autin Pets Alive event with Randy Wayne, thrown by her friend Derrick, standing on the left.

What about Butters?!

Alice seems to be trying to make Butters jealous by cuddling up to this cute kitten.

Siamese twins?

That's what Alice tells us, saying on her Twitter that "Thayer n Mads" were conjoined at one point. Hmm, should we believe her?

Work it!

As well as being an actress, Alice is also a model. This is made pretty clear in this photo of her striking a pose behind the scenes with co-star Alexandra Chando.

Family Portrait

Alice might get along with her on-screen family better than her character, Mads, does in the show. Here she is, with her arms around her 'brother' Christian Alexander and her 'father' Adrian Pasdar.

Girls Gone Wild!

We don't think anyone really knows what's going on in this picture of Alice with some of her friends; they do look like they're having a lot of fun, though!

Cast friendship!

Whatever fights Mads may get into onscreen don't seem to affect Alice's friendships with her co-stars. Here she is, smiling with Randy Wayne and Christian Alexander.

Music fan

Alice seems pretty happy in this photo, and why wouldn't she be? She was filming a music video on a warm ranch for Jesse Cole.

Girl's Night Out

Alice looks happy in the midst of four of her best friends.


Alice hasn't made her love of food a secret; @alicefood is her Twitter name, and we can see pretty clearly in this photo -- taken while out to eat with her 'The Lying Game' co-stars -- her excitement about eating. Good for her; who doesn't love a girl with a good appetite?


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