Fact or Fib: Did Miley Cyrus Just Out-Prank Sutton?

Say it’s not true! There’s a lot of gossip floating around out there, so you’ve come to the place to set it all straight. We’ll debunk Hollywood’s hottest rumors and confirm the latest scoop.

Sutton Mercer’s the queen of n-a-s-t-y pranks, but someone’s (almost?) outdone even her! Police swarmed Miley Cyrus’ California home on Wednesday after someone placed a 911 call saying there was a shooting and kidnapping happening at the location. What the what?! Fact or fib: Miley was behind the phony call?      

Miley Cyrus Prank

(Photo: WENN)

 It’s a…FIB!

Police haven’t linked Miley to the call at all (and no one was even home when the cops sprang into action). However, someone’s in deep you-know-what when police track them down. “If the person is found, they will be arrested and prosecuted because it was a false call, a false allegation,” an LAPD spokesperson told E! News.

Sutton Mercer, we’re looking at you.


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