Exclusive: What’s the Deal with Mads and Thayer’s Mother?

On the season finale of The Lying Game, Rebecca officially became Mrs. Rybak. (And just in time — only moments later Alec was arrested for Derek’s murder!) That quickie trip down the aisle got us thinking about the first woman Alec married. Who is she? Why did she leave? Will she ever come back for Mads and Thayer?

To get answers, we marched our questions directly to the Rybak men. Find out in the gallery below what Christian Alexander (Thayer) and Adrian Pasdar (Alec) think may be the story behind “Christina” leaving.

What Happened?

"It's not very clear where their mom is. All we know is that she left and the details of when and why have yet to be addressed," Christian Alexander tells us. Keep clicking for scoop from Adrian Pasdar about Alec's first marriage.

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

"We haven’t really decided exactly, but I can tell you one of the avenues that we’ve considered. Because you know these things are retooled, and retooled over and over again, until they’re finally unloaded. I think one of the great things is that—her name was Christina, let’s say. She may have been a dancer and wanted to pursue a life in the theater," Adrian spilled to LyingGame.com. This scenario would explain why Mads is such a natural ballerina.

Tell Us More about 'Christina''

"She may or may not have betrayed Alec’s trust in some fashion," Adrian continues telling us. "Yet, when confronted with her actions, he still realized that she was the only one that was ever going to have his heart. He was prepared to forgive her. She was not prepared to ask for that forgiveness. Maybe she went away. Perhaps, I’m just speculating—I’m spit balling here—but maybe she was the one that got away and Alec vowed that nobody would ever get close again. Nobody would ever have his heart." How sad. We're beginning to almost feel bad for Alec. Almost.

She's the Reason Alec is So Protective of Mads

Adrian keeps dishing to us about his character's first wife, "She actually left, and left him with his children, who he obviously loves. That’s been part of the motivation for why he’s been so protective of Mads and Thayer from the beginning of the show. He’s afraid she’s going to try and come back and reclaim—I wouldn’t say afraid. He’s just protecting them from who he knows she really is. That’s kind of the back-story."

Do You Think 'Christina' Will Come Back?

If Alec heads to jail in season 2 for killing Derek, will his first wife be the next long-lost mother to return to Phoenix? Tell us what you think is the deal with Thayer and Mads' mom in the lounge.


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