Lying Game Playlist: Music from Episode 1.08, “Never Have I Ever”

Ethan Whitehorse tucks in a drunk Emma Becker on The Lying Game.


The Lying Game is gearing up to be one of the top shows of the season, and it’s not hard to see why. This ABC Family series (based on Sara Shepard’s bestselling book series) is full of juicy secrets, delectable fashion, and super hot guys. Another major aspect viewers L-O-V-E? The hot songs featured on each episode.

Tune into this week’s Lying Game playlist based on songs from “Never Have I Ever”:

  1. Eye for an Eye” by Vaughan Penn: Plays when
  2. Falling In Your Arms” by Twist Of Faith: Plays while Mads is listening to her iPod and Alec arrives.
  3. Just in Love” by Joe Jonas: Plays during the party at Sutton’s house.
  4. The Sound of Winter” by Bush: Plays while Emma and her crew are hanging around and drinking.
  5. Love’s A Boomerang (instrumental)” by Julie Griffen: Plays when Lexi (Emma’s best friend) picks Sutton up from juvie.

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Which song from episode 1.08 is your fave? Tell us your favorite Lying Game song in the comments or chat about all the awesome TLG music in the forums!


  1. Naomi Said:

    My favorite TLG 1.08 songs are “Eye For An Eye” by Vaughan Penn, “Just In Love” by Joe Jonas, and “Love’s A Boomerang (Instrumental) by Julie Griffen.

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