Adrian Pasdar Gives Us Lying Game Clues: “They’re Buried At The End of Scenes”

In the last moments of The Lying Game’s first season, Alec gets arrested for Derek’s murder. But after our conference call interview with Adrian Pasdar, we’re fairly certain the evil Rybak is really just covering up someone else’s mess. But whose?

Well, according to Adrian, there are clues sprinkled throughout the entire season — primarily at the end of scenes. Take a look at all the hot hints he dropped to us and then let us know who you think the police should have arrested instead.

Who's Alec Covering For?

"I think ultimately we’re going to find out that it’s not all as bad as you think," Adrian Pasdar says about his character's true intentions. "There is a great deal of protecting going on. Although, for who, I can’t say. I’m not at liberty." Well, we already know he's covering for Ted, but who else?

(Photo: ABC Family)

What Happened to Derek? Is Thayer Involved?

Clue Alert! Adrian continues telling us, "One of the best clues that nobody has said anything about was when the car broke down by the side of the road. Okay. Thayer asked Emma to hand him the lug wrench, and she says, 'I wouldn’t even know what that is.' It’s the thing right there. The tire iron. You remember that scene? Anyways, it’s kind of interesting. There are so many clues laid out in this show so beautifully that just go by quiet and unnoticed about who may be involved in what. I’m just saying. That picture of me swinging a tire iron, like I said."

(Photo: ABC Family)

Pay Attention To The End of Scenes and 'Meaningless' Comments

"The clues in The Lying Game are buried, but they’re not buried deep," Adrian promises. "They’re buried at the end of scenes. Very often somebody off-camera will say something, or an actor in a nonchalant way will deliver a line that seems inconsequential. It seems meaningless. It just seems like a wrap-up to a conversation."

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Now Get Searching!

"The secret is already out there. It’s been told three times," A adds. "I can’t tell you which episode, but the truth has come out three times in the last ten episodes about who is responsible for what. That’s all I can say."

(Photo: ABC Family)


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  2. Jan Yuen Said:

    Oh my gosh! Thayer. Responsible for both Derek and Theresa’s murders. This all makes sense now. All of Alec’s little reassurances to his stepson (Thayer) and the tension between them is the fine dust atop the dark truths. I can’t believe it. My conclusion is made almost certain at the end of Episode 10 of Season 2, where it is revealed that Thayer has been keeping a rusty murder weapon inside his couch.

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