Fact or Fib: Lindsay Lohan Forced Her Film Crew to Strip Naked?

Say it’s not true! There’s a lot of gossip floating around out there, so you’ve come to the place to set it all straight. We’ll debunk Hollywood’s hottest rumors and confirm the latest scoop.

Hollywood has been buzzing with allegations about resident hot-mess Lindsay Lohan. While we’re used to hearing stories about LiLo getting arrested, getting put on probation, getting arrested again, accidentally hitting people with her car, and then totaling her car, this latest piece of gossip might just top them all. According to a source on the set of Lindsay’s latest film, The Canyons, the former child-star-turned-diva made a surprising demand–that her entire film crew strip down to their underwear!

Lindsay Lohan Topless ?

Photo Credit: Wenn

It’s a FACT.

The hot-headed starlet got a case of cold feet when filming a topless scene. Although Lindsay has been previously photographed in risqué advertisements and has even spread her legs done a spread in Playboy, the actress became unusually prudish while filming a sex-scene with porn star, James Deen. Our source tells us that Lindsay demanded that her 10 person film crew strip down to their underwear so that she would feel more comfortable while filming in the buff. After some initial protests, the crew eventually gave in to Lohan’s orders, deciding that they would just grin and bear it while baring it all!

We bet the workers who came in to do sound checks didn’t think they’d be spending the day having to unwillingly check out their co-workers as well.

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