What’s the Deal with Justin’s Mom’s Bracelet?


What are you really up to, Justin? (Photo: ABC Family)

Justin’s definitely hiding something on The Lying Game. (Then again, who isn’t?!). But what’s the story behind his mother’s bracelet? Laurel’s dad acted way too weird when he saw it for the first time not to be linked to it. Will we find out whatever Justin’s keeping hush hush when the show returns this January?

“They touch on the big secret with Justin right away — within the first four [episodes]. Then, there’s the dealing with it and coming to grips with it the rest of the season,” Randy Wayne, who plays the teenage golfing pro on Lying Game, tells TVTango.com.

Randy promises fans will get answers about the bracelet — and for all the people speculating that Justin is Ted’s son (making him Laurel’s brother — gross!), Randy says this, “I think it’s a little crazy because Justin is dating Ted’s daughter and it wouldn’t make sense. If that were to be the case, I still think it’s weird…I’m definitely not going to give anything up about it, but I would tell them to search their other options.”

What do you think Justin knows about Ted? Leave your guesses below, and talk more about the winter premiere in the Lying Game lounge.


  1. apllsecret Said:

    Justin has the info about Annie and won’t work with Ted. He will do anything to stay in town and get his scholarship though so you never know.

  2. annie Said:

    Hi I know what happens in season 3 laurel kills Justin and frames emma! emma catches ethan with Thayer breaking in a store.

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