Get to Know the Girl Behind The Lying Game’s Nisha

Sharon Pierre-Louis stars as Nisha on The Lying Game. (ABC FAMILY/BOB D'AMICO)

Sharon Pierre-Louis’ real life has an interesting connection to The Lying Game. Like Emma and Sutton, she was separated from her three older siblings until the age of 6. Sharon — who’s also appeared on ABC Family’s Lincoln Heights, CSI: Miami, the TV movie Little Miss CEO, and Fame – was the first child in her family born in the United States. Her parents immigrated from Haiti, and Sharon’s fluent in Creole, American Sign Language and conversational French. Smart girl!

Born and raised in Florida, Sharon has extensive musical talents as well. She’s a classical opera singer who also enjoys poetry. In fact, a Langston Hughes poem that she performed in the 6th grade is what sparked her love of acting.

As for her home life, Sharon has five siblings, including one older brother who is deaf, so she keeps actively involved with the deaf community when she’s taking a break from playing Sutton’s rival tennis star, Nisha Randall.


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