Get the Scoop on Justin’s Gift for Laurel

Never have I ever kissed someone in the last 30 seconds? (Photo: ABC Family)

Bling! Bling!

After Laurel went snooping around Justin’s room, the golfing whiz surprised his girlfriend by giving her his mother’s bracelet. But did you notice the way the bracelet sparked Laurel’s dad’s curiosity?

She covered it up by saying it came from a nearby vintage shop, but could the bauble have something to do with Sutton and Emma’s birth mother? Let the conspiracy theories begin! Either way, here’s the behind-the-scenes scoop on the gem:

Justin gives Laurel a sentimental surprise! (Photo: ABC Family)

“The bracelet from Justin actually came from the Prop Department,” The Lying Game’s costume designer Mimi Kaupe reveals to us. “We wanted a vintage piece that was cool enough to suit Laurel’s taste. The semi-precious stones in gold give it that funky but chic look, perfect for Laurel!”

So, do you think the bracelet really belonged to Justin’s mom?

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