Exclusive! The Lying Game Cast Gets Flirty


Grab your crush's attention! Alice tells you how.

Mads’ love life is about to heat up on The Lying Game now that a certain British (and mega rich!) bad boy is back in town. Ryan woos Arroyo’s royalty with ballet tickets, but in real life, Alice Greczyn tells us that she prefers subtle flirting to over-the-top gestures.

So, what’s her recipe for the perfect flirty move? “A little gesture, a little hand on the knee, a little extra squeeze, a little lingering stare,” the 25-year-old says. In short, less is more!

Alice’s advice for honing your own crush-catching skills is to focus “more on non-verbal flirting as opposed to trying to think of something witty and flirtatious to say.” Kirsten Prout, who plays Char on TLG, adds, “You just need to be open and receptive and be ready to bounce off of someone.”

Now, would Alexandra Chando and Blair Redford consider themselves to be good flirts? Watch LyingGame.com’s exclusive video to find out!

Are you a good flirt? Tell us in the comments and talk about even more ways to flirt in the Lying Game boards.

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