Exclusive Video: Lying Game Stars Name Their Favorite Music Artists

What makes Mads scream, “Stop the music?”!

When it comes to music on the Lying Game, Alice Greczyn admits she has a love/hate relationship. “I do wish sometimes that the background music was just generic background music. Sometimes I feel that it can make or break a scene. Some scenes I’ve been like, ‘Wow, that really helped emphasize that.’

But on the other hand, the 25-year-old spills to LyingGame.com, “Other scenes I’ve been a little, ‘Why did they do that? Now it just sounds way weak and corny. I don’t understand why they picked that cause it ruined the moment.’ So I’ve had mixed reactions with the music.”

So listen up, all those controlling the music mix. “I would definitely be happy to make the producers a playlist!” Alice offers. Co-star Alexandra Chando has one request. “I’m huge into country now, which I never used to be but now I am,” she says about the influence filming in Austin, TX has left on her iPod. “I love Zac Brown Band.”

Watch the cast dish who’s their favorite band and more in the exclusive video below.

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