Ethan and Emma's Hookup Secrets!

Spoiler alert!

Turn around if you don’t want to know the future of Sutton and Ethan’s relationship! Curious to find out if Queen Sutton will soon become an ex? You won’t need a magic ball for the answer, because we spoke with Jonathan Alpert, body language expert and author of the upcoming book BE FEARLESS: Five Steps to Making the Impossible Possible, and he told us exactly what’s the deal with Emmathan.

And…beep, beep…hot couple alert: Could Alexandra Chando and Blair Redford pull an Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev and take their “just friends” relationship to the next level?

Lean on Me

?His mind is elsewhere. His pensive look suggests he is conflicted,? decodes Jonathan Alpert. ?His look might also suggest the pending massive guilt he?ll feel if anything more than a hug occurs.?

Um, Awkward

?It?s hard to gauge love. They?re at an event and people are taking pictures of them?and they likely know it so they are putting on their best face.? Phew! Laurel, he's all yours!

Hot! Hot! Hot!

?Simultaneously holding her and stroking her face suggests he really cares for her (or he?s just really good at faking it!),? spills Jonathan.

Out in the Open

How will the rest of Arroyo feel about this hot new couple? Eeh, it's not looking good. ?Other students will react with envy,? predicts Jonathan. ?Doesn?t every girl want a guy like that? One who proudly holds her hand while walking down the hall??

Rock Solid

?Holding her hand like this suggests love, affection, and he?s trying to stress a point and show how much he cares.? OK, seriously, how cute are they together?

What Are You Looking At?

Is there a budding off-screen romance that we should know about? ?The photo is just a slice of time?a second. It?s hard to know the context of it, however, it does suggest comfort,? Jonathan says about this behind-the-scenes picture of Alexandra and Blair. ?She?s comfortable having her butt at eye level with the guy?something most girls would feel self-conscious about. Whether it suggests an off-screen romance is unknown.?

More Than Friends?

Whoa! What?s going on here?! ?Seems to be a look of deep affection, trust, and at minimum a great friendship,? explains Jonathan. And at maximum? What are your thoughts: Could Alexandra and Blair be more than just friends and co-stars?


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