Did Alec Really Kill Derek? What You Say!

OK, Lying Game fans, last week we gave you major hints that Adrian Pasdar (who plays Alec) dropped on us:

  • Clue 1: “I think ultimately we’re going to find out that it’s not all as bad as you think,” Adrian says about Alec. “There is a great deal of protecting going on.” But for whom?
  • Clue 2: Adrian continues, “One of the best clues that nobody has said anything about was when the car broke down by the side of the road. OK. Thayer asked Emma to hand him the lug wrench, and she says, ‘I wouldn’t even know what that is.’ It’s the thing right there. The tire iron.” So Thayer had a tire iron in his possession?
  • Clue 3: Speaking of Thayer, Adrian also hinted, “The clues in The Lying Game are buried, but they’re not buried deep. They’re buried at the end of scenes…It seems meaningless.” Hmm, after the cuffs were slapped on Alec, he did ask Thayer if he had anything to do with the arrest. Just saying.

So, Adrian, are you hinting that Thayer could be behind Derek’s murder and Alec’s covering for him? Interesting theory, but Alex Chando’s not sold. “I wouldn’t say Thayer,” she tells LyingGame.com exclusively. “Thayer’s too nice of a person. I don’t know. That’s the great thing about our show; there’s really no set villain. We don’t know who the bad guy is. It can change from episode to episode.”

What do you think? Did Alec really kill Derek? Take the poll below, and see what other Lying Game fans are saying!

Smart Thinking, Briya

Good question: How did Rebecca and Sutton team up in the first place?

Debra's Theory

Better late than never? Debra says Rebecca came back for revenge!

Emma Points to Rebecca

Interesting point, Emma! Did Rebecca kill Derek because he discovered the truth about her and Sutton?

Very True!

And we've learned to expect the unexpected, right?

Grace's Eye Roll

Planting the weapon could just be the beginning of Rebecca and Sutton's plots!

Romeo's Reasoning

Hmm, who would she have hired? Good twist.

So, who killed Derek?

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  5. JaNae Kierra Said:

    well first of, I think Thayer killed Derek and Theresa because emma and Thayer got into a fight and he told her to leave and when she left he got the weapon from inside his couch and I guess he got mad.

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