Christian Alexander Plays Our Lying Game

christian alexander plays a lying game

Truth or Lie: Christian Alexander was popular in high school? Keep reading to find out the answer! (Photo: @iamchristian_a)

On The Lying Game, Thayer’s great at playing detective and getting to the root of lies. But now it’s time for Christian Alexander to play a lying game of his own! We put the actor, who was born in Greece, in our “Truth or Lie” hot seat, and this is what he fessed:

I was a good student.
True! Graduated with a 4.0 GPA and was an honor student. (Don’t ask me how much of it I retained though.)

I send over 500 texts a month.
LIE! I send 499 texts each month. One more and my bill would quadruple, so I really try to hold myself back.

I’m a pretty good singer.
LIE! I am quite possibly the worst singer on the face of the planet. I can’t even sing “Happy Birthday” in tune (on tune?).

I had my first kiss in high school.
True! Senior year was my first REAL kiss. Better late than never.

I passed my driver’s test on the very first try.
True! I actually aced it.

I was popular in school.
True. Kind of. I was on good terms with pretty much everyone.

I never forget a friend’s birthday.
LIE! If you don’t remind me several times or if I forget to write it down, I will forget.

My bedroom is usually a mess.
LIE! If you know me, you know I’m a clean FREAK. I vacuum and dust at least three times a week.

I’m an awesome cook.
True! I love to cook as well as bake. Might even consider going to cooking school down the road. It’s the ultimate therapy.

I have a crush on someone right now.
True! But it’s too dangerous for me to say here. I don’t know who’s reading this so I have to take precautions.

Now, Christian, finish these sentences:

The last little white lie I told was…that I never lie.
It’s totally acceptable to lie when…never, really. It’s always best to be honest.

Play “Truth or Lie” with Alexandra Chando, and create your own version in our Lying Game lounge!


  1. Naomi Said:

    You know Christian, I’m a good student too, because I got a 4.0 GPA on my last report card in the 6th grade, and I was in honor role twice. I can sing, but I’m just afraid to show it.

  2. Erica Said:

    I am in LOVE with you, Christian and Ryan Rottman(Jordan Lyle for you that didn’t know.)
    I really hope Jordan gets out of jail.
    And hope Thayer didn’t kill anyone

  3. ashley marie Said:

    Ok i really love the lying game u and emma make the cutest couple ever urre soo cute and i love u soo much ツ✔✔

  4. apoorva Said:

    I love u……i am sooooo in love wid u ….i watch the dmn show for u!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. manisha Said:

    it`s not that bad …he is an awesome actor!

  6. buy fifa 16 coins for ps4 Said:

    I don’t know

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