Should Char Come Back in Season 2?

Char Leaving Phoenix

(Photo: ABC Family)

Not too long ago, we asked you if you thought Randy Wayne should return to The Lying Game next season now that Laurel has — you know — kicked Justin to the curb.

“Its not just a dungeon that weve been sent off too. Its the Blonde Dungeon. Char, Luke & Justin. Some1 doesnt like blondes!” Randy tweeted about Arroyo’s best golfer’s exit from the show.

A whopping 79 percent of you want to see Laurel’s ex stick around, but what about our other favorite blonde? Char left town last season and didn’t return for Derek’s funeral or her aunt Rebecca’s wedding! She’s not even in the loop about Emma pretending to be Sutton!

Should Char come back ASAP? Did you miss her witty one-liners and hot fashion? Vote below — and tell us what else you hope happens next season in the comments!

Do you want Char to come home to Phoenix?

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  1. dewdropvelvet Said:

    I miss Char! She added the much-needed normalcy and brevity to the show. Bring her back!

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