Caption This: Emma looks shocked on The Lying Game!

The Lying Game

Photo Credit: Alexandra Chando on The Lying Game / ABC Family

Emma Becker has seriously been through the ringer on ABC Family’s hot series, The Lying Game! She began the season by being framed by her pervy foster brother Travis, went on the run from the Vegas cops, and then somehow ended up switching lives with her long-lost queen bee twin, Sutton Mercer.

You’d figure by now that Emma has experienced every possible shocking moment trying to assimilate into Sutton’s world of drama and luxury…but — surprise — she honestly hasn’t! (Or least according to her stunned expression in the photo above!)

So, why do you think Emma looks so surprised? Place aside what you already know about this TLG moment and leave your most L-O-L caption in the comments below! We’ll choose the winner and add their witty caption to the Lying Game photo above!


  1. Courtney Vance Said:

    Emma was surprised because she walked into Sutton and Ethan kissing in the cabin!

  2. Mikayla Said:

    Emma was surprised because she walked in the cabin when Sutton and Ethan making out!!!!!!!! OR because she found out Rebeca is her and Sutton’s mother!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Komal Said:

    Omg! I left my hair straightener on!

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