Fact or Fib: Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Are Married?!

There’s a lot of gossip floating around out there, so you’ve come to the place to set it all straight! We’ll debunk Hollywood’s hottest rumors and confirm the latest scoop.

The paparazzi has been keeping a watchful eye on this Hollywood couple but they may have missed out on one very important piece of news! TMZ announced that a Bedford Hills police report identified Gossip Girl‘s Blake Lively as Ryan Reynold‘s wife. Did Blake and Ryan secretly marry?

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Photo Credit: WENN

It’s a FIB! On July 8th, Reynolds filed a police report saying that an aggressive paparazzo was following him. The officer refers to Blake Lively as Ryan’s wife throughout the police report. Lively’s name has since been blacked out from the report but you can still see the references the officer made to Ryan Reynolds’ “wife”! The Bedford Hills Police Department have not commented on the matter but a source close to Lively says that the two are not married.

That’s one massive misunderstanding! Still, do you think the two might hear wedding bells in the future? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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