On The Scene: Blair Redford Photo Gallery

On screen, Ethan Whitehorse of The Lying Game may be a total mess, but off screen, the actor who plays him—Blair Redford—seems like a total sweetheart! He gets along well with his co-stars (especially Alexandra Chando) — as we can see from these behind the scenes and red carpet pictures — and he’s super cute. He also looks like a pretty good bowler (we’ll bowl with you anytime, Blair!)

There has to be something you don’t know about him, like why his on screen father looks so familiar, or what on screen brother Tyler Christopher got him for his birthday! Click through these Twitter photos and find out more.


Blair Redford gets a hug from behind from co-star Allie Gonino in this behind-the-scenes pic.

Taking Direction

Both Blair and Alexandra Chando seem to be listening intently to the producer's instructions.

Got it!

Blair Redford seems to understand what the woman directing him is saying, even though we have no clue what it is!

Backstage Banter

While they're in between takes, Alexandra and Blair find time for a quick chat

No more chairs?

Blair seems as confused as we do about why Alexandra's using a table instead of a chair.

Family resemblance?

Blair tweeted this photo of himself and his on-screen father, Gil Birmingham, who became famous for playing Jacob's father in 'The Twilight Saga'. Who do you think he looks more like, Blair or Taylor Lautner?


Blair and Alexandra snuggle up for this self-taken photo behind the scenes.


Both of the stars of 'The Lying Game' look amazing at the 2012 ABC upfront presentation.

Winter Wonderland

Winter wear suits Blair, shown here at an ABC Family event next to co-star Alexandra Chando.

Happy day!

Blair looks pretty happy- and pretty cute- at the ABC Family summer press tour.


Blair's on screen big brother Tyler Christopher got him this helicopter for his birthday; unfortunately, he didn't have the best aim. He guilitily tweeted that he landed it on the roof of the stage. Oops!

Foodie bond!

Alice Greczyn tweeted this photo of Blair enjoying a delicious meal out; both seemed to really enjoy the food!


  1. TLG_xox Said:

    Alexandra Chando and Blair Redford make such a cute couple!?

  2. Cris G. Said:

    I love Blair, Alex and the rest of the cast of TLG! They all have great chemistry together, including the older cast members. Blair and Alex, though, have the strongest chemistry. I get breathless just watching them together, no matter if Ethan is with Emma or Sutton. The show has to be picked up very soon!

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