Exclusive: Blair Redford’s Favorite Part of Filming Season 2

Ethan and Dan in Season 2

(Photo: ABC Family)

Ethan Whitehorse wouldn’t normally strike Lying Game fans as the sensitive type, however Blair Redford hints to us that emotionally charged scenes between Ethan and his brother are on their way. (Stock up on the tissues now!)

“There’s such an emphasis on his romantic escapades with the twins and that whole love triangle, which is very important to him, but I think it’s important also not to forget the ties people have with your family, especially when the stakes are raised as high as they are on our show,” Blair tells us, also noting how Ethan’s home life can help others. “Kids out there that don’t live with their parents and just have a small family like that, I think it’s important to show that side of the story, too. [Ethan and Dan] are really all each other has.”

In fact, Blair confides to us that his most memorable parts of filming this season were those times he spent with his on-screen sibling. “As far as the story goes, I enjoyed a lot of the stuff that I got to shoot with Tyler Christopher, who plays my brother. That’s some of the best opportunities I think Ethan has had to kind of show some range and his personality toward the end of this ten [episodes] that we just shot…some of the work that the brothers had together I think was some of my favorite stuff.”

What do you think will bring Ethan and Dan so close this season?

Scene Stealers

"@alexandrachando @alicefood @go_nino @iamChristian_A @RyanRottman How we're shooting Scene 15 - that's your rehearsal," director Fred Gerber informed the cast via the Twitterverse.

Free Massages!

Allie helps Alex loosen up a bit.

Tennis anyone?

"@alexandrachando @go_nino She's really cute - just not very accurate . Last day of shooting season 2a," director Fred Gerber tweeted. Who: Alex or Allie?

Take a Guess

"Ethan and.....?" Alex teased.

Kissy Face

"Rox ( Hair on TLG ) and I imaging how we'd look with artificially plumped lips. #whatchathink? Lol," Charisma Carpenter joked.

Why are Cops in the Desert?

Ethan? Dan? Care to explain?

How Ya Been?

Tyler Christopher reunites with Kimberly McCullough, an old pal, on The Lying Game set.

Fight Nice

"@alexandrachando @Blair_Redford arguing about something on set at #TheLyingGame," Fred says. "They just brought pizza for the crew." How sweet are they?

There's Kristin!

We also spot someone in a Friday Night Lights shirt. Did you know that show also filmed in Austin, just like The Lying Game?

Glam Girl

Where could Ethan and Emma (or Sutton?) be?

So Fancy, Ethan

A spiffed up Blair Redford takes a coffee break with Helen Slater and show writer Stacy Rukeyser.

Hear the Music

"@alexandrachando @Blair_Redford and Helen Slater talking about ACL Music Festival this weekend," director Fred Gerber shared.

Happy Family

The on-screen dad and daughter say cheese between scenes.

Sweet Surprise

Allie and Lola stop by director Fred Gerber's office. Check out the filming schedule in the background.

Night Lights

Charisma gets a little help catching up on some reading.

Making a Splash

"Setting up the 1st shot on the mid-season Finale of #TheLyingGame," director Fred Gerber writes.

Notice the Ring!

Does that mean Rebecca and Alec stay hitched? Allie Gonino doesn't say, but she did tweet, "Love these rascals."

In Black and White

"Video village on #thelyinggame," Alex captioned this behind-the-scenes glimpse.

Future Prom King and Queen?

"Pretty cute couple, huh?" director Fred Gerber tweeted. What do you think?

You'll See This Again in Episode 10

"Location Scout - mid-season Finale - 'the Lying Game' What's going to happen?" teased the episode's director Fred Gerber.

Buckle Up, Boys

"Season 2 Finale of 'TLG' @Tyler2929 @Ryanrottman You guys are in for a VERY WILD ride," the director promises.

Did They Borrow Those from Ethan and Jordan?

"Very few dare to mess with us," Allie joked.

How Fun!

Alex wants to know, "Can we do this every weekend?"

Hold on Tight, Ethan

"Motorcycle man," Alex described her on-screen love.

Boys Night

"@Blair_Redford @tyler2929 @Iamchristian_a just hanging out on a Friday night in Austin," director Fred Gerber tweeted from set.

Game Time

"Playing games in between set ups," Alex posted on Twitter.

Whatcha Playin', Fellas?

Allie used her phone to tweet, "Boys and their toys. @blair_redford @ryanrottman."

Is That Ethan's Bike?

"What's going down w/@alexandrachando @Blair_Redford @go_nino @tyler2929 @AllCharisma @Iamchristian_a @Buckley223," asks director Fred Gerber.

Job Well Done

"Norman Buckley's last day on 'The Lying Game'. We will miss him," fellow director Fred Gerber tweeted.

Smile, Kids

Blair and Alex give a behind-the-scenes grin during filming of episode #209.

And a Photo of That Photo

Take 2.

Well, Hello

"What's happening in Sutton's bedroom this morning?" Fred Gerber hinted.

We Spot Alex and Andy in the Background

"Another night at the cemetery," Fred tweeted.

Sort of Creepy, Guys!

"With @blair_redford, hanging at the cemetery," Norman writes next.

Still Kinda Creepy

"Filming in a cemetery tonight..." Alex gives a glimpse into next season.

Allie the Tour Guide

"@go_nino giving a tour of "The Lying Game" stages - cute, huh?" director Fred Gerber shared with his followers.

What's for Lunch?

"The grown ups table!" Charisma shared. Did Alice whip any of that up? Looks like Adrian approves.

Three's a Crowd, Jordan

"Lying Game set on a Friday night," Norman Buckley previewed.

Over Here, Alice

Director Norman Buckley steals a candid shot of Alice Greczyn.

Meet the Gang

"Going to the chapel with the Lying Game party girls. Hair, makeup, wardrobe," director Norman Buckley wrote.

Home Sweet Home

Life inside the Mercer casa.

Team Work

The director/actress duo swap "Action!" for "Cheese!"

Nap Time? Maybe?

"The terrific @go_nino, suggesting how she'd like to block the scene: 'What if I were just lying here?'" tweeted director Norman Buckley.

Kick Your Feet Up!

Sutton's a little exhausting, huh?

Long Day on Set

"Big night tonight. The WHOLE cast is in!" Charisma tweeted.

Midnight Swim?

"#NightShoots #LyingGame" Allie posted this sneak peek.

Ready for His Close Up!

"@buckley223 from #thelyinggame on set tonight. Late night shoot. Go Andy!" director Joe Lazarov snapped and shared.

Party Lights!

"On set tonight out at #Ethan and # Dan's" Charisma showed fans.

Smokin' Hot!

"My script caught file in my trailer!" Charisma tweeted after a small candle torched her lines.

Tummy. Growls.

"Another amazing, ridiculous meal prepared by the beautiful and talented @tyler2929," Allie Gonino tweeted, showing off co-star Tyler Christopher's talent.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

At least Alex has cute rain boots!

Cloudy with a Chance of...Golf Balls

"Filming at the UT Golf club today," Alex posted.

Mr. Spiffy

"Who's this guy?" Alex joked about a dapper looking Ethan.

Pamper Time!

Charisma showed off the bumping beauty scene. "Make up trailer last night. A full house!"


"And look who's creepin' in the background! #Photobomb," Allie tweeted.

Beauty Queen

A glamorous Allie wrote, "Can't believe I look like THIS right now, with no one to take me out. This hair and make-up should not go to waste!"

And Poof!

"Apparently #Rebecca is a fan of #Snooky. Lol," Charisma jokes.

Bring Your Mama to Work Day!

Look who's in Austin! "my mama and me on set watching a scene with @go_nino & @alexandrachando."

Very Fancy, Rebecca

Wonder where she's headed? And what trouble she's causing?

Alex's Wheels

From Sutton's BMW convertible to this? "Got to drive this bad boy tonight...#TLG," Ms. Chando tweeted.

Working 'Round the Clock

"#Nightshoot. The beautiful crew of #LyingGame. AKA the best crew in history! @ksfluff @neemers @msturgeon3 @achando @the_ves @ecamdalitas @valdeznikki @kayse_g" Allie brags.

Head Over Heels

"LOVE these shoes. Sutton has got some good taste," Alex says and we couldn't agree more!

Texas Terrain

"Evening scene in the park," Alex tweeted from location.

What a View

"Base camp sunset," Alex shared another Austin stunner.

Yikes! Heads (and Arms) are Going to Roll

Alex tweeted this creepy photo with "#tlg" as the only hint. Whose hand out?

Texas Sky

"#favoriteset #thelyinggame #austinsunset," Alex tweeted from Ethan's turf.

Mother and Son?

We have a theory.

On the Edge of Rebecca's Seat

Sutton and Emma's mama is in the house!

Look Out for This Prop!

"#TLG Cabin Kitchen Prop," Charisma tweeted about the Mercers' hangout in the woods.

Tennis, Anyone?

Emma (or Sutton?) gets back in full swing!

Wigging Out

So is this Sutton's secret to waking up with flawless hair? Although the easy, breezy 'do looks good, Allie says she won't be jumping to Team Brunette any time soon.

Very Perry

"#PartofMe with @alicefood! We love you @katyperry <3" Allie Gonino tweeted. Loving the glasses, ladies!

Start Your Engines

Sweet ride, Ryan. "I love my job," the new guy tweeted along with this photo of his character's wheels.

Makeup Time!

"4pm and work is just starting! This lady makes me feel so beautiful everyday with her mad mk-up skills!" Charisma Carpenter tweeted.

Allie's Band Buddies

Charisma plays groupie with Allie Gonino's on and off-screen band. "The boys from #thegoodmad. Adam and Andy. They're playing for us on set tonight," she wrote.

Quiet on the Set

"Behind the scenes on the set of @lyinggame @abcfLyingGame . On location!" Charisma Carpenter shared this photo with her followers.

Birthday Kids

"Birthday buds @alexandrachando & @blair_redford :) Awww, I love them," co-star Allie Gonino wrote to celebrate Blair's July 27 and Alex's July 28 birthdays.

Fierce, Alex!

"Emma or Sutton?" asked The Lying Game star. Who do you think?

Let Him Eat Cake

"Birthday boy and his birthday cake!" Alice tweeted. (Psst: She baked that yummy creation herself!)

Home Cooked Meal...Texas Style!

"Birthday spread cooked by the amazing @tyler2929... Can't wait to feast!" Allie bragged about the spread Tyler Christopher -- who plays Ethan's older brother Dan Whitehorse -- whipped up!

Piece of Cake

"@alicefood'd lemon cake! #HappyBirthday @alexandrachando & @blair_redford <333" Allie wrote after the cast dove into Alice's tasty dessert.

Sister, Sister

Aww. Allie Gonino shared her hug-it-out moment with on-screen older sis Alex Chando.

Heyyy, Ryan!

Celebrity crush alert! "Hey girl. @go_nino @alicefood," Alex wrote and posted this Ryan Gosling friendly photo.


"Two very handsome men! @iamchristian_a and Butters <3" Allie tweeted, showing off Alice's cat and co-star Christian Alexander.

Take a Seat

"#thelyinggame #setchairs," Alex previewed!

Cute Couple!

"Me and my screen gf on TLG," Tyler Christopher captioned a photo of himself and Lying Game love Yara Martinez.

Co-Star Cuteness

"Hot day on set with @blair_redford," Alex tweeted.

Good Morning, Austin

Alexandra Chando hits the streets on her new bike!

Devil in a Red Dress

Charisma Carpenter gives a sneak peek at Rebecca's spicy side.

Hug It Out!

"On set of #LyingGame with @iamchristian_a ^_^ #LOVE," Texas-native Allie Gonino shared with her Twitter followers.

Rock On, Helen

Besides acting, Helen Slater also enjoys singing and songwriting! "Some rare downtime on set of The Lying Game. Helen playing Jeremy and me a song..." Alex posted.

Evil Eyes

"Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, whaaaat?" Alex tweeted from this (courtroom?) scene.

Best Sisters Forever

If only Laurel and Sutton got along so well...


"Someone lies; someone dies," Chuck Pratt hints!


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