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Anything but Ordinary by Lara AveryLong before anyone knew Blair Redford as Ethan Whitehorse, The Lying Game existed as a book series filled with mystery and murder. Just like TLG, Anything but Ordinary will jump from the pages to Emma Roberts telling the story on screen.

Become part of the elite fan group who knows all about this love story from the very beginning. Here’s a reading teaser to get you started:

Lara Avery’s stunning debut novel begins with a vivid memory of the moment seventeen-year-old Bryce Graham tried to execute a perfect dive at the Olympic trials. Bryce remembers the scent of chlorine and the cheering crowd. Then there’s a loud crack, blinding pain, and everything goes blank. Five years later, Bryce awakens from a coma. Everyone she loves has changed and her memory ignites with visions of things that haven’t happened yet. The love story of her second chance at life is Anything But Ordinary and it’s a must-read for anyone who craves beautifully written, inspiring novels. The story also has Hollywood buzzing with talk of a film version starring Emma Roberts and AnnaSophia Robb.

Hooked yet? Good, because we have lots more to share! Simply go here to read the first six chapters of Anything but Ordinary…right now…for free!

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