Did Allie Gonino Split with Bandmate and Co-Star BF Adam Brooks?

Allie and Adam Split?

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Yikes, this could make for a really (really!) awkward situation.

When a fan asked Allie Gonino for her advice on moving on after a breakup, the blonde beauty revealed on her Tumblr, “I myself am just getting out of a 2 year relationship with someone who was/is so completely intertwined in my life, it’s hard to tell where he ends and I begin.”

Allie doesn’t mention Adam Brooks by name, but the two have been dating for some time…and they’re in a band together…and he plays her love interest, Baz, on The Lying Game. While most girls would probably freak out at the thought of seeing their ex so often, A.G.’s remaining focused on the positive. “The thing I’m constantly reminding myself of is that even though there were things about the relationship that weren’t up to my standards per say, there were a lot of beautiful lessons and memories shared between us. Memories that are now forever etched in history.”

So, what went wrong? “In hindsight, I realized I was too much of a coward to tell my ex when he hurt my feelings or made me feel like I deserved less. The reality was, I didn’t want to see those things in him, much less did I want to see those things in myself; that thought I deserved less, or thought less of myself, so I didn’t ask for more.”

Although breakups bring on tears (and many pints of ice cream),  Allie still considers relationships to be amazing learning tools. “As I’m finding, I’m much better at loving myself than anyone else is. So anyone who comes into my life from now on, I’m grateful to learn from, and they are blessed to know me! Because I have a lot of wonderful, beautiful things to offer, and so long as I don’t let others take those things for granted, I will continue to prosper.” Hear, hear!

Relive Allie and Adam’s happy times and then tell us in the comments how you get over a breakup.

Pucker Up, Baby!

The couple (and The Good Mad bandmates and The Lying Game co-stars) smooch for a good cause at Coachella.

Way to Go, Laurel

"Made it to Coachella with @atbatbatb after all:)" Allie joking tweeted after her Lying Game alter ego Laurel's band's bus broke down en route to the music festival.

Love Rocks

Friends. Music. Sun. "Coachella LOVEEE," Allie happily tweeted.

She Said It...Not Us!

"My boyfriend is whipped!" Allie kiddingly tossed out into the Twitterverse.

Bowling Date Night

"Getting ready to slaughter me in the lanes," Allie tweeted -- but we're sure Adam was a gentleman and let her win. Right, Adam??

Pedi Dates? Why Not

"Toothpickin' while getting a pedicure. @atbatbatb is sexy to me," the Texas gal writes about her well-pampered man.

Movie Night

Premiere of #BullyMovie with Baz!! Err, @atbatbatb :) Allie posted from the theater.

Making Sweet Music

The adorbs couple posed together and Allie wrote, "Hotel Opryland! Magical:)"


  1. TLG_xox Said:

    No one has ever dumped me. I’m always the one who breaks guys hearts. You got to be strong and stay away from the ICE CREAM!

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