Alexandra Chando and Blair Redford Get in the Halloween Spirit

Does Blair prefer tricks or treats? (Photo: ABCFamily)

Witches, ghosts, goblins, Lady Gaga…do you know what your Halloween costume will be this year?

If you’re still searching for inspiration, The Lying Game’s Blair Redford and Alexandra Chando spilled their awesome ghoulish couture. “One year, I was the two-headed man—I had a prosthetic head. And [my brother, who’s one year older] was the headless man, and he was carrying his head under his arm, so we were a pretty good duo at Halloween.”

Creepy. Costar Alexandra Chando went for more treat than trick when she dressed up as a loveable Ginger. “I think my favorite costume when I was younger was Pippi Longstocking—got the wires in the hair with the braids and we sprayed my hair red. It was pretty awesome.” Sounds it!

Whose costume was better: Blair’s or Alex’s?

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